House of York
House of York
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Silver Award for House of York at the 2013 Algoa Fm Homemakers ExpoSilver Award for House of York at the 2013 Algoa Fm Homemakers Expo

A world class antique road show featuring a gourmet garage, bartenders workshops, enthusiastic visitors, and DIY extraordinaire’s is what the 2013 Algoa FM Homemakers Expo was all about. House of York participated in the ‘antique road show’ themed expo which took place from the 25th – 28th July.

Creative Christmas CuisineCreative Christmas Cuisine

Christmas is less than a week away, so we’re sure most of you already know (and have prepared) what you’re going to be cooking for your dinner guests this year.

Love Your KitchenLove Your Kitchen

This month, we thought we would give you some different advice when it comes to love – we want you to love your kitchen! Whether you love cooking or not, most of us spend a good amount of time per week in the kitchen; we all have to eat after all.

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