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Market leaders within the wooden homeware category in South Africa

We are suppliers of a range of quality wooden homeware products, from kitchen accessories, household décor and gifts, to practical laundry and hospitality accessories, to satisfy every household need.

House of York, a subsidiary of Eveready Pty Ltd. an iconic local South African brand with a proud 35-year history of consistently producing quality wooden household products for the retail and wholesale markets both locally and internationally.

We are strategically headquartered approximately 18km from the container Port in Port Elizabeth which enables us to provide an efficient and effective supply chain. We supply most of the major National Retail Chains and wholesalers, within the borders of South Africa. Whilst internationally we supply various retailers and wholesalers within Africa, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

The consistent production of top quality products within our facility is ensured and maintained within the guidelines of theISO 9001:2008 Quality System.

Why choose House of York?

As a market leader within the wooden homewares category in South Africa we pride ourselves in the following:

  • We have our own manufacturing facility based in Port Elizabeth.
  • Our streamlined production line which meets international standards.
  • Warehouse and distribution facilities housed under the same roof.
  • Over 200 dedicated, talented and creative staff.
  • Flexible logistics and manufacturing capabilities.
  • All our product offerings are supported by catalogues and online marketing.
  • Participation in Global Key Trade exhibitions.
  • Our environmental responsibilities are taken very seriously and we have focused on this throughout our fully integrated certified management system, which has been recognised through various environmental awards received by SJM Flex over the years.
  • Partner with us in our drive to reduce manufacturer’s impact on the environment. We actively reduce our dependence on natural resources by generating our own electricity through our Kestrel research and development farm. This assists us in generating 17.5-megawatt hours annually which equates to a saving of 1741 tons of coal or the release of 1820 tons of greenhouse gases.
  • We also ensure that the timber used in production is purchased directly from responsibly managed saw mills. We are also able to track and trace each piece of timer purchased through details provided by the Sawmill i.e. Batch number, Date of Packing and Date of drying.

Overseas export orders

During the course of our 30-year history, House of York has successfully won and delivered on numerous export orders into various countries with products which we have been manufactured locally within our facility.

These countries have been as diverse as the United Kingdom, Middle East and various other African countries.

From a product perspective, we have not only supplied products which were part of our existing ranges but also products which were specifically designed in conjunction with our customers to meet specific market needs and trends.

These new product developments were not limited to the physical products alone but also included customised packaging to meet certain requirements.

The export market presents enormous opportunities for our brand, staff and surrounding community alike.

We believe that our customer-centric approach, existing product range, coupled with our constant promotion of New Product development equips us to become a value added long term partners to all our customers – new and existing.

Interested in importing from House of York?

For further information, pertaining to the importing of House of York products please complete the enquiry form or contact our Business Unit Manager – Shaun Crooks - who is always available to discuss any import/export enquiries you may have, including current product ranges or new product development.


Contact Shaun

Phone:+27 (0)11 201 1706
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Parnter with us in our drive to reduce manufacturer's impact on the environment