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Frequently Asked Questions

We know wood and the benefits of using wooden household products in your kitchen, bathroom and home living areas. House of York answered some of our customer's most frequently asked questions:

Can the varnish on the products have a negative effect on me?

No, the varnish used is nitrocellulose, which is not an acid catalyst varnish (which contains formaldehyde solvent based chemical, harmful to humans). Using nitrocellulose strengthens the life of the wooden product as the varnish does not yellow with age, unlike products varnished with an acid catalyst that contains solvents which reacts to sunlight, causing the product to yellow. House of York's wooden products are perfectly safe to use in your home and is durable due to its top quality finishes.

What kind of wood is used to manufacture House of York products?

Most of our products are made out of SA pine with the exception of some of the chopping/breadboards which are made out of Saligna. Pine is a soft wood, whilst Saligna is a hard wood; a harder wood is more durable. 

Is warping of the House of York breadboard prevented?

Our breadboards are laminated to strengthen them and avoid warping. Lamination is the process where the broad planks are cut into thinner sections and then rejoined with opposing grain.

Why are wooden cutting boards better?

Wooden cutting boards such as the ones manufactured by House of York, are better than plastic. Wood is alive and it has been proven that germs inherent after use are repelled from breadboards and cutting boards as well as other wooden household products and kitchenware, making them more hygienic and elegant alternatives to plastic.

Will the knots that I see in the wood reduce the quality of the product?

No, the knots in the House of York product range are limited to small tight knots, thus reducing the risk of a knot falling out.

Where can I purchase House of York products?

House of York products are available in most retail outlets in SA, Namibia and Botswana.

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