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Love Your Kitchen

25 February 2015
Love Your Kitchen -  Feb Facebook

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

This month, we thought we would give you some different advice when it comes to love – we want you to love your kitchen! Whether you love cooking or not, most of us spend a good amount of time per week in the kitchen; we all have to eat after all.

Because we spend a good amount of time in the kitchen during our lives, it’s important for you to love the space you’re in. So, this Valentine’s month, we have some tips for you on how a small change to your kitchen décor can make all the difference and we show you how some of our products can improve your experience in the kitchen.

A Small Change goes a Long Way

There are a number of small changes you can make to the kitchen that will make a beautiful difference and make you fall in love with your kitchen and cooking. If you prefer having a plain-coloured kitchen, try spicing things up a bit by changing the colour and type of tile that goes behind the oven and stove. This makes your kitchen eye-catching without being too out there.

If, on the other hand, you really want some colour in your kitchen, we have two bits of advice for you. If your kitchen cupboards’ material allows it, consider painting them another colour. The best thing about this is you can make it as bright or as pale as you want, such as red or a pale baby blue. For many people, painting the cupboards may be a little too much, which is why there is a second option for those who want a splash of colour: choose a colour scheme and stick to it. Want a splash of turquoise in your kitchen without going too overboard? Simply buy turquoise things such as a clock, kettle, cloths and toaster.

A lovely way to make your kitchen stand out and be a bit different from the others is to remove some of your cupboard doors. We all remember Monica’s open kitchen cupboards in Friends, so why not modernise it a bit and put some open baskets in there to work almost as drawers on your shelves. Even some big jars to store your salt, sugar and flour in will make it look lovely and like you’ve spent a lot to have your kitchen redecorated.

Lastly, we always need to make notes of what to buy or what we’ve run out of, so adding a small chalkboard or even a section on your wall with chalk paint will give your kitchen a homely-type character. Make friendly notes on there to the family when you’re popping out to the shop quickly or make grocery lists.

How House of York can Change Your Kitchen

At House of York we have a wide range of kitchen products that are designed to add a modern touch to your kitchen, as well as to make your cooking experience in the kitchen easier and enjoyable. Take a look at the advantages of having our products in your kitchen:

Improves cooking experience

Firstly, our bakeware range that became available late 2014 is definitely something you won’t regret getting for your kitchen. Our bakeware is made from silicone and has metal to support the frame, giving it stability. Baking with silicone means that your food is baked evenly and without burnt edges or sticking to the mould – allowing you to impress your guests and family with perfectly baked foods and treats. Our moulds come in a muffin pan, loaf pan, pie pan, square pan and a chiffon pan.

Our elevated nylon utensil range is ideal for cooking meals with hot temperatures, such as soups, curries and stews. They are heat resistant which will prevent them from burning or melting and they are designed in such a way, that the head of the utensil is raised above the work surface, preventing any messy situations.

Improves your kitchen space

We also have products that are designed for your convenience (and to make your kitchen look pretty, of course). House of York spice racks are made from quality pine wood and they are super convenient. Choose between a two tier, three tier or rotating spice rack for your kitchen – these are guaranteed to save you counter and cupboard space and your spice bottles will be displayed nicely for you to see.

We also have another kitchen counter space-saver with our wall mounted paper towel holder. It can be fixed to the wall or to a cupboard wherever you want to have towels on hand when you’re cooking. If you’re OK for counter space, we also have a portable paper towel holder – just because it’s always handy to have them within arm’s reach in the kitchen!

Loving your kitchen is important as we want meals for your partners and your families to be made with love this February – and it all begins in the kitchen. Do you have any other décor tips for the kitchen? Let us know, we would love to hear from our lovely fans and customers!

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