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The Importance of Caring for Your Wooden Kitchen Utensils The Importance of Caring for Your Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Wooden kitchen utensils have been the first choice in many kitchens for centuries. They are the full package offering you durability and quality, all while adding beauty to your kitchen. Caring for your wooden kitchen utensils is extremely important, here’s why.

On-the-Go Recipes to Rush into the New Year With On-the-Go Recipes to Rush into the New Year With

We’re back to the hustle and bustle that a new year brings and, while it’s tempting to go into your busy schedule full force, you need to remember to keep yourself balanced and cared for. It is a proven fact that eating a nutritious meal is one of the best ways to care for yourself. That’s why we’ve compiled a few quick on-the-go meals that require very little effort and can be prepared way ahead. Read all about it here.

10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home 10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

The holiday season is officially coming to an end and it will soon be back to the regular hustle and bustle of life if you’re not there already. The new year usually ushers in new goals and resolutions and, whether we have some big ones in there, a lot of those goals are very close to home, as close as your kitchen cabinets. Maintaining a clutter-free home can be a challenge, but there are simple ways to make it easier. Read our latest article for some tips to help you keep your home free of unnecessary items and organized.

Four Must-Have Dishes at Your Festive Feast Four Must-Have Dishes at Your Festive Feast

Christmas lunch, or supper, can be quite tricky. Each person likes specific dishes that they feel HAS to be on the menu. Whether you follow the English, and have to have Brussel Sprouts or the New Zealanders whose festive meal would be incomplete without a Pavlova, we can all agree that, in South Africa our Festive Feast would be a lot less festive without our most loved dishes. Read more on the four must-have dishes at your South African Festive Feast.

Plant a Tree. Change the World.

These days, more and more people are becoming eco-conscious. We see this happening more each day as people around the world make a conscious decision to choose environmentally-friendly goods, factories take on “green” manufacturing and businesses make an effort to take part in charitable events for the environment.

Winter Recipes to Warm You Up

Referring to the lovely quote above, we’re sure that for a lot of you, a home-cooked, warm meal not only keeps your belly full, but can also give you a sense of nostalgia.

Interior Designs and Décor Trends this Winter 2014

The air is crisp, it’s rainy and there is snowfall in certain parts of the country – there’s no doubt that winter is definitely here and in the midst of its coldest. Interior design and décor trends are ever-changing throughout the year and they tend to go according to seasons.

Keep the Kids Entertained These Holidays

We’re in the middle of the long June/July school holidays – are your kids bored yet? Chances are they’ve probably moaned a couple of times by now about not having anything to do; and it definitely doesn’t help that we’re right in the middle of a very cold winter!

Why House of York Is The Best Choice For Your Home

Choosing products for your kitchen and home can often be fun to shop for. But do you know if you’re choosing the right products for your home? Many people aren’t clued up as to what is good or bad for your kitchen or home, so we took it upon ourselves to give you some advice – in the form of product comparisons.

How to Maximise Your Small Space

With Youth Day around the corner, we found it only fair to give the youth some great tips for their homes this month.