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Winter Washing Woes

03 June 2024

Let’s be honest, doing laundry isn't many people's favourite chore, and winter makes the task even more challenging. Wet laundry and cold air don't mix well when you're seeking comfort, but it's a necessary task in every household. That's why we've looked into a few ways to make those winter laundry days more enjoyable.

Beat the Winter Washing Woes

Quick drying vs slow drying

Laundry in the winter takes a bit of planning. Besides the fact that rainy and cloudy days are more likely than in the warmer months, the air is cooler, which ultimately means your wet laundry will take longer to dry. Try to get your items that take longer to dry, like denim, woolly items and heavy blankets, hung up earlier in the day to give them more time to dry. Lighter materials, like those on shirts and bedsheets, can be washed a bit later in the day as they need less time to dry. You can make this task a lot easier by designating laundry baskets for your slow and quick-drying items. Our laundry baskets are a great way to stylishly sort and hide those loads that are waiting for the next wash.

Do some indoor drying

The trouble with cold and rainy days is that, while most activities are put on hold, your laundry load isn’t. Some of us might be quite familiar with delicates hung strategically in our bathrooms to dry, and some might even be fortunate enough to have a tumble dryer to see to those rainy-day loads. House of York’s wide range of clothes horses are a great way to hang up those loads while saving space, and electricity and keeping your home free of wet items hanging all over the place.  

A load a day

The best way to keep up with laundry in any season is to aim to do a load of laundry a day. This means fewer items that need to dry and it eliminates the overwhelm of seeing an overflowing laundry basket. Once again, our clothes horses and pegs are a great way to hang up your wet washing after a quick load in the evening.

Iron as you go

Ironing is probably one of the least liked laundry activities. The thought of dedicating a large portion of your day to ironing and folding is not as exciting as cuddling under your blanket with a good series and some snacks. In the winter months, why not fold your washing straight off the line, or clothes horse, and iron your items as you need them? Few things are more comforting than putting on toasty clothing on a winter morning. Our ironing boards are easy to store and assemble, particularly our tabletop ironing board. Get a warm start to your winter mornings by ironing your clothes just before you put them on.

House of York’s laundry range is a perfect way to handle those chillier laundry days.

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