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5 Great Ways to Get the Kids to Help Out at Home

15 September 2022
5 Great Ways to Get the Kids to Help Out at Home -  september hoy

Household chores are probably the last thing your little one wants to hear about, but these ideas might just change that… Follow along as we share five great ways to get the kids to help out at home!

1. Trick or treat

Trick or treating needn’t come around only once a year. For this idea, attach small notes to their favorite candies and place them inside a special bowl for when the kids feel like something sweet. Some notes can have a fun fact or quote written on them, while others will have a household chore to do. But they won’t know which is which until they pull one out! The trick to balancing the risk versus reward in their eyes is to keep each chore as simple as possible. Think making the bed, picking up toys, helping pack lunch boxes, or feeding the pets.

2. Reap the rewards

Many children respond well to positive reinforcement and that's exactly why having a reward system is a great idea! Set up a weekly rewards board somewhere for everyone to see, and add a sticker next to their name every time your child does something helpful. You could even let the younger ones choose their own sticker to involve them that little bit more. At the end of the week, tally up their stickers and reward them for reaching set targets. The reward itself could be anything you choose, but getting their input will be invaluable to getting their buy-in.

3. Game of chores

Bring the fun back into everyday chores by turning them into a competition or game!

Here are three of our favorite ideas:

  • Laundry gymnastics, where each child takes turns carrying their clothes to the laundry room in the silliest or most creative way;
  • Musical tasks, where everyone swaps tasks with the person to their right each time the music stops; and
  • Chore relay, where the family is split into teams and given a set of tasks they need to try complete first within a set time limit.

4. Creative chore charts

This idea would work perfectly for creative and crafty kids! Encourage them to complete their chores by letting them create a unique and colorful chart of their own. These DIY chore charts made with pegs, magnets, toy cars, and ice cream sticks are a great place to start. Keeping track of all their daily tasks is bound to be easier — and tons more fun too.

5. A family affair

Because many hands make light work, and many of life’s moments are better by being together. Turn cleaning time into family time! Most children, and especially younger children, simply want to spend time with mom and dad. So why not work together on wiping the counters, doing the dishes, or folding the laundry? The results won’t only be beneficial for your home but those all-important family bonds too.


How do you get the kids to help out at home? Do you have any tips to add to our list? Please share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

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