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Ingenious Ways to Upcycle Everyday Household Items

10 July 2018
Ingenious Ways to Upcycle Everyday Household Items -  cereal box organizer

At House of York, we love the idea of converting old or discarded items into something fresh and purposeful. We recently went in search of some clever upcycling ideas and were blown away by what we found! There are so many unique ways to give used goods a new lease on life, that it really doesn’t make sense to simply throw them away. Here are eight ingenious upcycling ideas to inspire you.

  1. Pegs as wall hooks

Purchased a new pack of House of York wooden pegs? Instead of leaving your old set at the bottom of the peg bag, turn them into these quirky wall hooks! They’d work especially well in the kitchen to hold up lightweight items such as tea towels and takeout menus and you can even give them a lick of paint to match the room’s colour scheme.

  1. Milk cartons as watering cans

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If this craft is anything to go by, upcycling is right up there with recycling when it comes to environmental friendliness. Simply by poking a few holes in the lid of a plastic milk or juice jug, you can create an instant watering can! If you don’t have a garden, you can even use it as a fun toy for the little ones to play with during bath time.

  1. Cereal boxes as desk organizers

Why splurge on fancy containers when the most fabulous organizers are hiding in plain sight right in your very own kitchen! Using nothing but washi tape, cereal boxes can be transformed into beautiful desk organizers on a budget. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Bamboo skewers as scent diffusers

Almost everything about this craft is upcycled, from the leftover fresh herbs and citrus peels to the glass bottle and bamboo skewers. A store-bought scent diffuser can set you back a couple bucks but we think this homemade alternative does just as good a job of filling your home with a delightfully sweet and natural smell. Make it for yourself by following this simple tutorial.

  1. Cardboard boxes as baskets

Put all those delivery boxes to good use by turning them into beautiful storage baskets that can be used in every room of the house. To get started, all you’ll need is a regular cardboard box, 4-ply jute and a hot glue gun. The baskets can also be finished off with a fabric of your choosing. Click here for the how-to instructions.

  1. Toilet rolls as cord organizers

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Who would have thought that toilet paper rolls make for excellent cord organizers? Now all your USB cords and charger cables can be kept in one neat and safe place without getting all tangled. Just decorate the roll with some washi tape, then roll up the cords and tuck them in – this craft could not be any easier!

  1. Tin cans as lanterns

Tin cans can be upcycled into these stunning lanterns which are perfect for hanging around your patio and garden when guests come over. The candle will shine through the punched holes, providing a lovely source of ambient light. Follow the tutorial here.

  1. CDs as mosaic tiles

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By breaking them up into tiny pieces, scratched CDs can be used to create a beautiful mosaic effect – perfect for decorating wooden tables, flower pots, photo frames or bird baths. We especially love how this craft ties in well with the 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year. Just be sure to finish the pieces with a clear gloss spray so they keep their shine!


Which of these upcycling ideas are you most excited to try? Let us know via any one of our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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