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Top Tips to Make Your Varsity Room or Rental Feel Like Home

08 January 2020
Top Tips to Make Your Varsity Room or Rental Feel Like Home -  new student room or rental

It’s that time of the year when many students are heading back to university or even starting their studies for the very first time. Unfortunately, a student digs or dorm room can feel quite uninviting without all those little touches of home. So, to help you or your loved one settle right in, we’ve rounded up some top tips to make a varsity room or rental feel just like home!

  • Bring nature inside

Few things liven up a space like a perfectly placed pot plant. Greenery and flowers are well-recognised for their ability to boost people’s moods, productivity, and creativity. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re beautiful and affordable, too! Some great low-maintenance options include snake plants, aloe vera, cacti, and succulents. But if the thought of taking on a living plant is intimidating, it’s also perfectly fine to choose some tasteful faux flowers and plants instead.

  • Incorporate colour

Colour is more than just a décor choice - studies have shown that it can also influence our emotions. When picking a particular hue for your room or rental decor, we suggest choosing a colour that makes you feel happy and at home. While personal tastes may vary, certain colours have been said to have certain emotional effects. For example, red evokes energy and excitement, blue calms the mind and aids concentration, while yellow lifts the spirits and encourages optimism. Chances are you may be unable to paint the walls in your chosen colour, but it can always be incorporated through accent features such as rugs, cushions, and throws.

  • Use a scent diffuser

When a home smells amazing, it’s automatically that much more pleasant to live in. Reed diffusers are an excellent choice as they release a subtle scent over a long time. Candles and room sprays are also effective at creating a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. Did you know that, of all our five senses, scent is the most closely linked to memory? So if there is a particular fragrance you enjoy from your old room or home, it’s a great idea to introduce it in your new space.

  • Invest in a good pillow

The importance of a pillow cannot be overemphasised! Sleeping on a comfortable pillow can make all the difference between a good night’s rest or a restless one. The perfect pillow is largely dependent on the position you sleep in. Wedge pillows are best for students who sleep on their back, contoured pillows are perfect for slide sleepers, while students who sleep on their stomachs should opt for thin, flat pillows.

  • Display your memories

No home is complete with some personal photos. Displaying photos in your res room or rental adds personality and will help connect you to past memories with friends and family back home. How you choose to display them is completely up to you. We especially love this idea of tacking photos directly to the wall and framing them with pretty washi tape designs.

  • Buy a good cookbook

Because many students will miss mom’s home cooking! Having a cookbook with simple, delicious recipes means they’ll be able to whip up easy and tasty meals for themselves. Say goodbye to baked beans and minute noodles by ordering one of these great cookbooks for students, many of which come with helpful cost breakdowns and detailed instructions for even the most novice of cooks. 

  • Bring something along

One of the best ways to make your varsity room or rental feel like home is to bring something from your current room. Whether that’s a stuffed animal, fluffy blanket or otherwise, sentimental items will provide some much-needed home-grown TLC.

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