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Tips to Make Your Hospitality Establishment Feel Like a Home Away from Home

17 April 2020
Tips to Make Your Hospitality Establishment Feel Like a Home Away from Home -  april hoy

In a highly competitive industry, having a comfortable place to stay can give your hospitality establishment the competitive edge it needs to succeed. Whether you manage a big hotel or own a small bed & breakfast, there are plenty of steps you can take to make your guests feel welcome and well-catered for. Here are our top tips to make your hospitality establishment feel like a home away from home.

  • Quality linen & towels

These are arguably the two most important elements to get right. Think crisp percale linen with puffy duvet inners, soft fluffy pillows, and fresh warm towels. Investing in quality linen and towels will always pay off in the long run as they are usually more durable and therefore last longer. And guests will always value having these little creature comforts that make sleeping out that much more inviting and comforting.

  • A touch of greenery

Another great way to make your hospitality establishment feel like a home away from home is to add a touch of greenery to the rooms. This could be anything from a pot plant in the corner of the room to a beautiful bouquet of blooms, budget allowing. You could also include raw materials like wood in your décor or finishes. This will help add some character to even the sparsest of rooms. When a room is largely filled with neutral tones, a touch of greenery can also be a welcome pop of colour.

  • Warm white lighting

Warm lighting creates a soft glow that can instantly make a space seem more cosy and homely. Having warmer light at night has also been found to improve people’s sleep, so your guests can enjoy a great night’s sleep. In comparison, blue light can negatively affect people’s sleep cycles. Cool daylight bulbs can also be quite harsh, so rather save these for the bathrooms, where your guests will need enough light to brush their teeth or remove their make-up.

  • Add layers and textures

Fluffy scatter cushions, fleecy throws, shaggy carpets, and soft mats. These are small décor accessories that ultimately have a big impact on the look and feel of a space. Adding layers of soft textures, especially on beds, is a great way to make your rooms feel more cosy and snug. Some great soft fabrics and textiles to consider include merino wool, fleece, faux fur, velvet, and silk. Take care not to overload your space with too many textures though. As a good rule of thumb, aim for a simple combination of hard, soft, rough, and smooth textures.

  • A small surprise

Hospitality establishments that stand out are the ones who give that little bit extra. Whether that be a locally-made product or a handcrafted chocolate praline. Everyone likes a complimentary gift! No matter how small, they are sure to surprise and delight your guests and let them know that you appreciate them. Depending on the amenities, you may even surprise them with a free massage or complimentary breakfast.

  • Multipurpose trays

If your establishment doesn’t offer room service, there’s a good chance your guests will order in. And if there isn’t a table and chair in the room, they’ll likely eat in or on the bed too. Having a multipurpose tray in the room will not only help them to eat with ease but will also prevent any unwanted food spills and stains on the bed. Not to mention, enjoying a delicious dinner in bed can also be one of life’s simplest and most convenient pleasures.

  • Luggage racks (with backrests)

When it comes to making your hotel or guesthouse more homely, the secret lies in the small details. For example, these sturdy timber luggage racks elevate suitcases off the ground so guests can reach their luggage with ease. A small yet meaningful way to make your guests’ lives a little easier. The backrest can also double up as a towel rail to conveniently hang their towels or scarves. And remember, if it’s a high Tourism Grading you’re after, luggage racks are an essential item to be eligible for a 4-star verified grading. Visit for more important grading criteria.


How do you make your hospitality establishment feel like a home away from home? Do you have any other tips and tricks to add? Please share them with us over on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram pages.

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