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Host the Perfect Summer Party

31 December 2012
Host the Perfect Summer Party -  party
Host the Perfect Summer Party -  Outdoor Party
Host the Perfect Summer Party -  party
Host the Perfect Summer Party -  Party

South African summers call for outdoor celebrations, but being the host of the party can often be stressful. Make sure you plan well and use our five tips to hosting the perfect summer party.

1. Pick a Venue – embrace summer and have an outdoor party.

Have a plan b should the weather turn fowl and inform your guests that the party will be outside as this may determine their choice of clothing.

2. Pick a Theme– create excitement and entertainment.

Stick to your theme throughout, using invitations, food, drinks and décor to communicate your theme.

3. Eat, drink and be merry– food is vital to a good celebration.

Focus on popular summer food and drinks, a braai is ideal for both a summer party and there are great braai recipesavailable. Serve a welcome cocktail for your guests, but have a non-alcoholic version available.

4. Create a Vibe– music gets a party started

Select your music beforehand and ensure that there is a variety. Match your music to your theme if you like, but have upbeat music to create the right ambience and mood.

5. Keep unwanted pests away– don't let bugs spoil your party

Burn Citronella oil or candles to keep them away. These are often available in steel buckets which allow you to use it as part of your décor

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