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Save Shopping Time

27 February 2013
Save Shopping Time -  Save time Shopping

Although shopping can serve as a bit of therapy, often it becomes a time consuming stressor in your busy schedule. Shopping shouldn’t take you away from your comfort zone, nor should it waste time.

  1. Make a list: Make your shopping list according to the layout of your favourite supermarket. Most supermarkets are structured in a similar way and this will help you not to wander around aimlessly or forget some of the products you need.

  1. Specials: Look out for specials in your grocery store in the daily newspapers, this way you will know ahead of time what promotions are running and you can plan your shopping time rather than spending time looking for specials and promotions in the store.

  1. Shop online: Shop from the comfort of your own home. These days you can get anything from your groceries to clothes; specialty items to gadgets, even all our House of York products are online.

  1. Save time by shopping all at once: Do all your shopping in one day, for the entire week or 2 weeks. You save time and petrol by not having to drive more than once and can avoid standing in long queues.

  1. Shop in the bulk food section: Buying in bulk saves you time and money and by purchasing long-life products, which last longer, you avoid unnecessary trips to the shop.

  1. Buy only what you need: You can save both time and money by working off a list instead of wondering around the store or being tempted by unnecessary or luxury items. Remember, shopping when you are hungry will lead to a trolley full of treats.

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