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Renovate your Kitchen with House of York

07 July 2021
Renovate your Kitchen with House of York -  july hoy

Do you walk into your kitchen and feel like you need a change or do you simply want to reorganise to get everything looking spick and span again?

House of York offers a wide range of quality, wooden products ideal for the kitchen and household. We can help you with our diverse range of kitchen products from spice racks to paper towel holders and more.

1. Spice Up your Kitchen

The kitchen is more than the place where food is prepared; it is the place in your home where you can unwind, experiment and prepare culinary masterpieces. And, this is why, we know that you will love our range of spice racks.

Excuse the pun but our spice racks are exactly what you need to spice up your kitchen!

Let’s take a closer look at the range:

The Spice Caddy

If you are tired of carrying your spices from the rack to the stove or from the kitchen to the dining room table, then our spice caddy is for you!

Available in pine and grey, the spice caddy is portable allowing you to easily carry up to six regular-sized spice bottles wherever you need to go. Not only does this make cooking a whole lot easier, but it also helps to keep your spices neatly organised where you need them.

Follow this link to place an order online.

The Mounted Spice Rack

Don’t have any space on your counters? That’s okay just take to the walls with our cool two-tier spice rack! This durable spice rack is made to house up to twelve regular-sized spice bottles.

And, if you do not want to mount it on the wall, it can also stand safely on your kitchen counter for easy access from stovetop to pot.

Follow this link to place an order online.

The Drawer Spice Rack

Yes, you read correctly. We truly do have all the kitchen surface options covered with our two-tier spice drawer. If you’d prefer to keep your counters open and your walls unused, then our spice drawer rack is what you need.

Also able to hold up to twelve regular-sized spice bottles, you can easily store the drawer spice rack in a kitchen drawer. Because of the slanted shelves, all spice bottles will be visible from above.

Follow this link to place an order online.

2. Expand your Kitchen Storage

There’s nothing worse than being unable to find what you are looking for in your kitchen cupboards or pantry. Or, when you do, to discover that it is riddled with those evil little weevils!

This is why we highly recommend our range of storage canisters. Available in three different sizes (small, medium and large) with a small window to see exactly what you have stored where.

Our storage canisters are perfect for storing coffee, tea, cereal, cookies, nuts, dried fruit and anything else you can imagine. Whether you want to organise your countertops or maintain order in your cupboards, these airtight canisters will solve your storage needs.

Bonus: the inner plastic is removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning AND all of our storage canisters are completely eco-friendly as they are made from bamboo – a renewable resource.


Small Storage Canister: 17.5cm x 13.5cm x 9.5cm

Medium Storage Canister: 17.5cm x 13.5cm x 15.5cm

Large Storage Canister: 17.5cm x 13.5xm x 19cm

Follow this link to place an order online.

3. Save Space in your Kitchen

When you no longer have space in and on the kitchen counters, it is time to take to the walls. Our multipurpose shelf organisers are exactly as the name suggests – multipurpose!

Whether you would like to stack your cereal, pack some of our nifty storage canisters or neatly organise your sauce bottles our shelf organisers offer you the ideal storage space solution.

Available in dark wood, mahogany and white you can match your kitchen’s colour scheme to the shelf that you prefer giving you the freedom to colour coordinate as you need.

Follow this link to place an order online.

4. Make your Kitchen Easily Accessible

When you’re cooking up a storm, it is easy to get a little over-enthusiastic and spill over the edge of the pot or drop an egg on the way to the stove. When accidents happen, our range of Paper Towel Holders are at the ready to help you with the mess.

The Portable Paper Towel Holder

If you prefer to take your paper towels to where the accident took place, then our portable paper towel holder is ideal. And, what makes it even better, is that the standard AND oversized rolls can be easily slipped on so you can store more paper towels at a time.

And, because it is portable, you can even take it with you to the dining room for dinner if you have run out of napkins.

Follow this link to place an order online.

The Mounted Paper Towel Holder

But, if you prefer having your paper towels in one, accessible place then you will love the wall mounted paper towel holder. Easily secure the paper towel holder to the wall or cupboard and tear off the paper towels as you need!

The wooden wrung in the middle can be easily removed to replace the paper towel when needed.

Follow this link to place an order online.


House of York offers a wide range of quality, wooden home products from the kitchen to laundry and general household. View our product range online by visiting our website at

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for promotions, new products and more.

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