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Start Preparing for Christmas Now

29 October 2014
Start Preparing for Christmas Now -  Dollarphotoclub
Start Preparing for Christmas Now -  mince pies

Believe it or not, Christmas is nearly upon us and before you know it, you’ll be hearing the carols and seeing the decorations in the shops. Before you say anything, yes, we are very aware that it’s only the end of October. But think about it. If you start preparing for Christmas now already, you’ll most definitely reap the benefits.

Christmas is the holiday most of us look forward to the most here in South Africa. It is summer, most companies have shut down for the year and there’s an overall holiday vibe in the country. Not to mention, Christmas often means lots of food, presents and family reunions. If you’re the one organising Christmas though, it could be really stressful.

Take a look at some of our tips on what to do now and in the beginning of November already to help make Christmas a less stressful time for you and your bank balance.

Why prepare now already?

If you start preparing for Christmas now, you’ll end up avoiding that crazy mid-December rush and you will be able to enter the new year with money in your account.

First thing’s first: organise a Christmas budget and stick to it. If you’re hosting a big family dinner, make sure you ask them to let you know a month before if they can make it or not – that way you know exactly how many people to budget for.

As scary as it sounds (reminding you of how time is flying), it’s also best to set up your budget for gifts, cards and any new decorations you may need to buy. Budgets may be boring to draw up for some, but when January comes, you’ll be thanking House of York.

What can be planned in October and November already?

One of the best things you can do for yourself this month is to already start buying Christmas gifts. Draw up a list of the people you need to buy presents for and start buying them now. It could be much better to have less money now than over the holiday period and into the new year.

Wrapping paper and cards sell like hot cakes, so make sure you also buy those this month. If you really want a stress-free lead up to Christmas, wrap your presents already so that you don’t end up spending your Christmas Eve sitting in a mountain of wrapping paper frenzy. Around the same time as buying these two items, you might also want to buy some of your Christmas day feast food – gammon in particular sells out very fast. Speaking of food, if you plan on giving your guests baked goods such as biscuits and bread, bake the ones you can in advance and freeze them until the morning of your dinner.

Lastly, remember to book your December/January leave as soon as possible if your company doesn’t have a shut-down period.

House of York products make perfect Christmas gifts!

Our online shop boasts top quality wooden products for the kitchen, laundry, household and more. Make your Christmas shopping easy by ordering our products online and having them delivered to your door. Best of all, our delivery fee is only R45 – no matter how much you order from us!

You won’t get bored browsing through our kitchenware catalogue looking for gifts. From our new silicone bakeware range and our bamboo bowl range to our sturdy butcher’s blocks, our kitchenware makes the perfect gifts.

To be creative, why not get a rolling pin and some utensils, put them in a bamboo bowl and make a hamper!

Our household and décor catalogue also has some lovely gift ideas such as our array of colourful trays and A-Frame racking – which comes in all sorts of woods.

Do you have any special way you like to plans things to prepare for Christmas? Let us know on our Facebook page. Sharing tips is always helpful, so feel free to share them with us!

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