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Our Top Tips for Hosting a Fun & Fuss-Free Holiday Party

01 December 2022
Our Top Tips for Hosting a Fun & Fuss-Free Holiday Party -  december hoy

Holiday celebrations are endless - family dinners, parties, gift exchanges, potlucks. It can be a lot of work, especially if you're the host or hostess.

For stress-free holiday entertaining, we're here to help with our favourite tips.

Make a List

Living by a list might be the most effective way to ensure a stress-free holiday. Be prepared and don't be shy about delegating. Know your capabilities and comfort zones, and give others something to do.

Plan the Party You Want

The secret to throwing a successful holiday party at home is to organise it around your interests. 

Consider the type of holiday party you would enjoy being invited to. Which holiday-themed hors d'oeuvres, drinks, or dishes would you prefer to have at a party? Your guests will likely have similar preferences.

What would I like at a party? It is a good question to ask yourself when choosing other party elements like decorations and music. By organising the party around the things that you and your guests are most excited about, you can reduce the stress that comes with hosting a holiday party.

Plan the Menu: Find Easy Holiday Dishes For a Party

For those organising a Christmas party, putting it on paper will be beneficial. As a result, it will be prepared and arranged when party day arrives.


Because they are considered "favourites" for a reason, start by thinking about some typical holiday favourites. Choose whether you want to prepare a 5 course meal or whether you'd rather put together a menu of appetisers or simple holiday sides. It will ensure your guests have a variety of options during the evening. 

Add your guests' preferred cuisine to ensure that every one of your guests has something to eat that they like, taking into account any allergies or dietary requirements. Also, read food labels carefully when buying.


Without drinks, your menu won't be complete! Consider your meal menu when creating your drink menu. Do they pair best with beer, wine, coffee, or tea? There are several food and wine pairing guides as well as other beverage pairing guides online if you're unsure.

Stock Up!

If you do your shopping with the intent of entertaining, you'll never run out of snacks. Stock up on a variety of crackers and cookies in your pantry. Think about buying nuts in large quantities, which may be combined, stirred with maple syrup, and cooked in a pan until they caramelise. They can be chopped up and placed around a cheese dish or served with beverages. When combined with fresh sour cream, canned pestos and long-lasting tapenades create a delicious dip.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

There is no shame in needing a bit of assistance! Since you're taking on the role of host, your guests are likely to want to pitch in. 

Asking a friend to bring a favourite recipe that is always a hit is not something to be afraid of. Hire a cleaner if you're concerned that you won't have time to clean your home. You can concentrate on other party planning duties that require your attention by hiring assistance or delegating some activities.

Utilise the vendors at your local market as a resource as well. Ask them if they have any advice or tactics for organising a holiday party, especially about the meal. To save time, you might even think about purchasing some of their prepared sides, desserts, or beverages.

Keep Decorations Simple

Avoid making your party decor too complicated by limiting your theme to no more than two colours.  This will give you some direction while shopping and hopefully you won't buy too much.

Remember that you might also choose to use homemade decorations that you or a guest made. Classics that are simple to transform into centrepieces include floral arrangements and decorative candles. If making them is not your thing, they are readily available for purchase.

Investigate a few of the local small businesses. Perhaps there is a vendor at your neighbourhood market who sells unusual bowls or serving trays that could give your table some personality. A distinctive bowl, jug, or serving tray is perfect because they are both functional and decorative.

Create Self-Serve Stations

Self-serve stations might make entertaining simpler if you're hosting a holiday gathering at your house. If there is a main course on the menu, think about offering it buffet-style. Because visitors can select what and how much to eat, there is less food waste and some energy is saved. 

Self-serve options are also available if you choose an appetiser or side dish instead of a main course. Establish a space where visitors are free to wander around and help themselves to food as they choose.

Making a drink self-serve station could also help you save some time and effort. If you're serving beer and wine, set up a station where guests can assist themselves with chilled drinks in glasses and coolers, or decorative buckets for a cleaner look. 

Prepare seasonal drinks in advance if you intend to serve them. Make a few batches and put them in the refrigerator. Replace one jug with another as it becomes empty. It really can be that simple!

Distract Guests With Appetisers

Food is a great way to keep your guests entertained. You can have many simple holiday recipes prepared that your visitors will adore in addition to staples like fruits and veggies. 

Many appetisers are available pre-assembled in stores, saving you time. Making your charcuterie board, for instance, could seem difficult. Instead of making one, consider buying one that is already ready. 

Another item that can be purchased rather than made is a dish of shrimp cocktail or stuffed mushrooms.

There are several recipes online if you'd prefer to make your own. Consider some of these simple, traditional holiday dishes:

  • Skewers of bacon and Brussels sprouts: 10 minutes to prepare; 35 minutes to bake. It's sure to please with bacon added.
  • Cranberry Brie Bites require only a few basic ingredients and take 20 minutes to prepare.
  • Caprese Bites are a light snack that features all the colours of the season.
  • What could be simpler than using deli meat and cheese to make ham and cheese pinwheels?

Remember to Have Fun

Don't let your desire to throw the ideal party cause you to neglect your attendance. There might be a few bumps in the road, but that's okay! 

Keep in mind that you want to create a space where your family or friends can interact. When they reflect on your party in the future, your attendees will remember having a good time with one another rather than any potential mishaps. 

Prioritise spending time with your loved ones, including your family and friends. When the host or hostess can participate in the festivities as well, it truly is stress-free entertaining!

We are all aware of the importance of family traditions and the comfort they provide. Living up to Grandma's years of Christmas handicrafts is difficult to work with and if piano time has become monotonous over the years, deviating from ingrained customs might save your sanity. Keep what works and discard the rest.

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