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8 Ways to Avoid Distractions and Optimise your Home Work Space

01 June 2020
8 Ways to Avoid Distractions and Optimise your Home Work Space -  june hoy

Working from home is not easy – especially if you are used to driving into the office every day. Humans are creatures of habit and when our habits are challenged it can result in a drop in productivity and a feeling of discomfort. Plus it is a lot more interesting to watch Netflix than compile that weekly report!

With all these distractions at no more than arm’s length, how can one possibly be productive at home? Here are 8 ways to avoid distractions and optimise your home work space that should head you off in the right direction!

1. Break your Work into Sections

A long list of work is not only daunting but discouraging. Take your to-do-list and break it up into easy-to-handle sections. Decide what you want to get done before lunch and before the end of the day.

This way you are also allocating specific times to take a break. It is very important to take regular breaks to refresh your mind. Working for hours on end will tire you out and leave you feeling drained.

If you are feeling tired take a walk around the house, grab a cup of coffee or glass of water!

2. Create a To-Do-List

It is easy to get distracted if you do not have a plan of what you need to do in a day. Grab a whiteboard, chalkboard, calendar or planner and write down what needs to be done for the day.

To-do-lists help you to plan your day and not forget about important tasks with deadlines! It is also very satisfying and rewarding to mark off or cross out work which you have completed.

3. Dress the Part

When working from home it can be tempting to work in a pair of tracksuit pants or even your pyjamas – especially on those super cold mornings. But one of the major differences between going to work and working from home is the attire.

If you are used to getting dressed formally for a day at the office and wearing comfortable clothes at home it can be difficult to distinguish between work time and relaxation time.

Some people find it helps them to get changed into their office clothes even if they are at home as it puts them into the usual work mindset!

4. Create a Work Area

At the office you either have your own office or desk where you work – regardless you have a specific space wherein you are used to working.

When at home it could be tempting to work on your bed or on the couch. But it can be equally as tempting to take a nap or watch some TV while you are working. Allocate a specific area in your home to working. This means that when you are in this area you will only be doing work.

This also means that when you are on your lunch break you should eat in the kitchen. It is important to separate your relaxation time from your work area too otherwise you might be tempted to work and eat!

5. Identify your Distractions

If you know what distracts you it is easier to avoid getting distracted by said things. For example, if you struggle to work in a messy room be sure to tidy the room before you start working. Otherwise, it could be tempting to clean while you are meant to be working.

Similarly, if you tend to gaze out the window it would be better to place your desk away from a window or to draw the curtain.

By identifying your distractions it would become easier to eliminate them altogether!

6. Switch Off the Personal Phone

Cellphones are a large distraction to our work environment. Social Media and Instant Messaging Apps make it so easy to get in touch with others that a fast glance can quickly turn into 20 minutes of scrolling.

As a result, it would be best to keep your personal phone in the drawer or turned face down during work hours. If you use your personal phone for work, mute Social Media Applications or set your phone to vibrate to avoid checking it every few minutes.

7. Stick to your Work Hours

When you are working in the office, you have a specific time which you start working, a lunch break and clock off time to go home. When you are at home it can be difficult to stick to a specific schedule.

It might be tempting to wake up later and work in the additional hours but once you reach your usual clock off time you may find you are too distracted to continue working.

Stick to your usual time schedule to ensure that you get your usual daily work done. If you do not get distracted you might be able to clock off earlier!

8. Headphones are your New Bestfriend

If you do not live alone it can be tempting to join in an overheard conversation or for people to disrupt you. Once your thought process has been interrupted it will be increasingly difficult to get back to work.

Get yourself a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to either block out the noise around you or to listen to some music that helps you to keep focused. Either way, it eliminates the possibility for external noise to become a distraction!


How do you manage to avoid distractions or optimise your workspace at home? Share your ideas in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page!

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