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Time-Saving Tips to Simplify Your Morning Routine

16 January 2019
Time-Saving Tips to Simplify Your Morning Routine -  morning routine

Some mornings, getting the kids out of bed can feel like an immense achievement in itself. With so much to do in-between waking up and walking out the door, it’s easy to feel frazzled and lose track of time. Simplify your morning routine with these six time-saving tips so you can have a happy head start to your day!

1. Prep the night before

This tip is first on our list because its one of the easiest ways to beat the notorious morning rush. Start by checking the weather forecast before bed, so you know whether to wake up earlier to compensate for any traffic delays due to bad weather. This will also help you to plan your outfit in advance, so there’s no last-minute panic about what to wear or where to find that missing sock or matching top.

You could even take things a step further by prepping everything on a Sunday evening. Check the extended weather forecast and use labelled hangers to organize your pre-planned outfits. Of course, this idea would work best if you’re on top of your washing and ironing schedule. Something that's significantly easier with the help of our convenient laundry essentials.

2. Get a head start on lunch

When every second counts, making sandwiches can be a serious time suck. This is why we recommend making and packing everyone’s lunch the night before. If you have leftovers from dinner, don’t place them in one container to decant the next day - rather place them inside each individual lunch box so they’re immediately ready to go. Another tip is to pre-sort snacks such as mixed nuts and chopped fruit into sealed bags which you can grab as needed.

3. Eat an on-the-go breakfast

As much as we enjoy a hearty breakfast there’s hardly time to whip up a pan of bacon and eggs every morning. On-the-go breakfasts can be just as delicious and often times more nutritious, too! One fantastic recipe is Sarah Graham's chocolatey overnight oats which you can make up to three days in advance. Other go-to options include smoothies, homemade frittatas or fruit salad in a jar. What’s great about these is that, if you’re running really late, you can munch them in the car or at your desk once you get to work.

4. Keep everything in its place

We’ve all been there – ready to leave, only to discover we’ve misplaced the car keys. The extra time it takes to find them can mean the difference between being late or on time. This is why it’s a good idea to keep everything in the same place every day so you know where to find them in the morning. This includes wallets, house and car keys and cell phones too. Our multipurpose organisers are perfect for this application. They come with five fixed dividing trays so everyone can store and access their valuables with ease.

5. Avoid using your devices

As tempting as it is to check emails or scroll through social media, try putting it off in the mornings. It’s easy to lose track of time while engaging with devices and it can prevent you from easing into the day. Research shows that we only start functioning at a high level within 30 minutes to an hour after waking up, so it's not ideal to "switch on" straight after waking up. Which brings us to the sixth and last point.

6. Schedule some “me” time

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed has a lot do with how we start our day. The mornings are an especially great time for solitude and reflection or a bit of exercise. Even if you have to set your alarm a bit earlier, engaging in these activities can have a positive effect on the entire rest of your day. Try it out, and chances are your morning routine is sure to be more enjoyable and a lot less stressful.


How do you save time in the mornings? And what are some of the ways you ensure a happier morning routine for you and your family? Let us know via any one of our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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