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Create More Space

31 December 2012
Create More Space -  Create more space pic

We've searched for ways to de-clutter your home and create alternative storage spaces to ensure that you maximise the space in your home.

  1. Storage behind a door is often overlooked: use hooks or over the door hangers to create temporary storage space.
  2. Another handy space is under beds, for example if you are accommodating guests overnight you can store mattresses under beds for time being, or use this as an alternative storage unit.
  3. Use neat boxes or bins to easily find items stored under the bed and avoid creating a chaotic storage space which leads to clutter and dust collection.
  4. Think about space when purchasing furniture, always make sure that your furniture allows for you to maximise the space in a room.
  5. Bay-windows can be put to good use by creating extra seating space for visitors. An ottoman creates extra seating space and can easily be stored or moved around.
  6. Another multi-purpose piece of furniture which could help you maximise your space is a sleeper couch.


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