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Easy Tips to Maximize your Family Time

27 February 2013
Easy Tips to Maximize your Family Time -  MaximiseHomeTime

Working moms and dads often have little time to relax with their families and friends. Use the following tips to maximize your time together.

1.Making time: The most important thing you can do is set aside dedicated family time. Give each family member a chance to pick a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

2.Keep a big calendar: Another fun activity can be creating a calendar together. Mark all meetings, parties, school events, birthdays and other social activities, eliminating overscheduling and general family chaos.

3.Cleaning can be fun: Cleaning is not just for mom, share the load by allocating the sweeping, mopping and bathrooms to each family member. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a water fight while washing the windows!

4.TV time: TV time can be family time too. Pop the popcorn, put your feet up and enjoy some relaxing time together. But don’t forget board and card games can be fun too.

5.Be prepared: When the kids are asleep take that time to lay out your outfit, put out the dry breakfast goodies and prepare lunch. Spend 10 minutes planning and making tomorrows to-do list, this will save you time in the morning.

6.Eating together: Plan your meals for the week to reduce your shopping time. Make meal times fun times by catching up on each others day over a picnic in the garden.

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