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Holiday Hosting Hacks Holiday Hosting Hacks

House of York offers some handy hacks to keep you feeling festive while hosting guests this holiday season.

Top 5 Quick Reads Top 5 Quick Reads

Life gets busy sometimes, we explore 5 quick reads for you to enjoy even when you think you don’t have time to read.

Reading Benefits Much More Than Literacy in Children Reading Benefits Much More Than Literacy in Children

Reading to your children can create stronger family bonds and teach your children to read in their formative years. We look at the various benefits of reading to your children.

South African Street Foods South African Street Foods

Amagwinya, Walkie Talkies and the Boerie Roll. We explore South Africa’s Street food and what makes it so special.

Fun Ideas for Bonding as a Family this Festive Season

For families, the holidays are a special time of year. Family traditions that you create today can endure a lifetime and turn into enduring customs that everyone looks forward to every year in addition to creating cherished memories.

Our Top Tips for Hosting a Fun & Fuss-Free Holiday Party

Holiday celebrations are endless - family dinners, parties, gift exchanges, potlucks. It can be a lot of work, especially if you're the host or hostess. For stress-free holiday entertaining, we're here to help with our favourite tips.

Recycling made easy: Top tips for creating a convenient and effective recycling system in your home

Recycling needn’t require lots of space and effort! Simply follow our top tips for creating a convenient and effective recycling system in your home.

How to establish and encourage healthy eating habits for the whole family

It’s not an easy task trying to get a family to develop healthy eating habits. Busy lifestyles, an abundance of convenience foods, picky eaters and the lure of having takeaways delivered to your doorstep can make the task even harder for parents.

At-home activities to boost your happiness this mental health month

October is mental health awareness month, and it is fair to say that, post-Covid, we are all a whole lot more aware of our own and other people’s mental health – of how important it is and how fragile it can be.

Tips to delight your hospitality guests – and get you those 5-star reviews

As the owner of a guest house or bed and breakfast, you will already be well aware of the minimum standards that your guests expect from you during their stay.

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