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Improve your Hospitality Grading with House of York

21 June 2021
Improve your Hospitality Grading with House of York -  june hoy

“People think that grading accommodation means giving it a star award, but it is so much more than that”, says Michael Mbuyah the new provincial assessor of the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA).

Being associated with a tourism grading council has a large influence on how current and prospective guests view your tourism establishment and brings about numerous promotional and reputational benefits.

House of York offers a wide range of hospitality products that can improve the hospitality grading of your accommodation.

1. Luggage Storage

Luggage storage is a very important aspect of the grading process and, as a result, a fit-for-purpose luggage rack/stand is required in every bedroom to obtain a four- or five-star grading.

House of York’s hospitality range includes a luggage rack with a backrest and one without. Both are suitable to obtain the grading you are in pursuit of.

Not only does a luggage rack push your establishment one step closer to a higher grading, but it also creates an attractive accent piece in the bedroom.

The sturdy, timber luggage rack is ideal for storing luggage and is available in three standard colours - mahogany, dark wood and white - ideal for beachfront, rustic and luxury scenery.

2. Ironing Facilities

As strange as it may seem, an ironing board is a standard requirement for any tourism establishment from a one-star grading up to five-star grading.

Tourist accommodation might be aflutter with holiday-goers during peak seasons but, during off seasons, business people, government officials and other travelling professionals become the targeted audience throughout the year.

The last thing any professional individual wants is to attend their conference in a creased suit or dress that is why ironing facilities are so important. This is why all tourism accommodations are required to either have ironing equipment available in each room or on request.

House of York’s Table Top Ironing Board is lightweight, easily stored and can be used on any table, counter or stable surface making it the ideal laundry solution for your establishment.

3. Tea and Coffee Facilities

According to the Grading Criteria Booklet, any establishment which wishes to obtain a three-star grading or higher is required to offer tea and coffee making facilities in all bedrooms.

This includes providing crockery, cutlery, an electric kettle, tea, coffee, milk, and sugar near a power point with adequate space to prepare the warm beverages.

House of York offers Tea Caddies and Tea Caddy Trays as a part of our hospitality range to help tourism establishments to keep their tea and coffee facilities neat, organised and professional.

Our Tea Caddies and Tea Caddy Trays are available in white, mahogany and dark wood to suit any room colour theme and allow all beverage items to be stored in a single, convenient place.

4. Breakfast in Bed

When at a hotel, guesthouse or B&B there is one unanimous pleasure that most guests allow themselves to indulge in: breakfast in bed.

However, balancing coffee and plates of food in bed can be tricky and lead to some messy situations this is why House of York’s Multipurpose Breakfast Tray is a must.

With its folding legs, the breakfast tray is easily stored and can be used for much more than breakfast in bed from serving tea to a work surface for a laptop.

While having a breakfast tray, or two, in your guest bedrooms will not necessarily increase your grading, it will definitely make your guests’ stay more comfortable and leave a good impression on their lasting opinion of your establishment.

Our breakfast tray is available in pine and dark wood – neutral to suit any light or dark colour scheme.

Buy in Bulk from House of York

All products listed in the House of York product range, including the hospitality range, can be ordered in bulk for your hotel, guesthouse, B&B or even Airbnb.

When purchasing our products in bulk, not only will you receive quality, durable wooden products but you will do so at a special discounted rate.

Whether you need 30 breakfast trays or 20 luggage racks we can provide you with these items at a favourable cost for your bank account.


To place a bulk order for your establishment, give us a call on +27 (041) 401 2500 or complete our online contact form and someone will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Make your stay away from home comfortable with House of York.

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