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How to Spoil your Sweetheart this Valentine’s Day

11 February 2021
How to Spoil your Sweetheart this Valentine’s Day -  february hoy

Only three days left until the big day! For some Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love between you and your special someone, for others, it is about acknowledging the special people in their lives.

But the one thing that remains the same across the board is that Valentine’s Day is about spoiling the people we love. And, mind you, spoiling doesn’t always have to come in the form of a gift!

Here are some great ways to spoil your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

1. Say it with Flowers

Ever wondered why flowers have become so synonymous with Valentine’s Day? Flowers are said to be symbols of love, romance and marriage making them an ideally suited gift for the Day of Love.

But does this mean that you need to say it with roses? While red roses are the first “Valentine’s Day” flower that springs to mind, you do not have to follow the convention to the T.

If your sweetheart loves sunflowers or daisies then the gesture is going to be more heartfelt than simply giving roses because it is what the day calls for.

And, to the ladies specifically, flowers are not only meant for women! Surprise your beau with a bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day – he is sure to appreciate the gesture as much as you would!

2. Grab the Cleaning Supplies

No matter who the allocated cleaner in the home is, a grand gesture they are sure to appreciate is to give them the day off from cleaning!

This means grabbing the mop, vacuum cleaner, laundry detergent and all other cleaning supplies that you will need to give your significant other a well-deserved break from cleaning.

We all lead busy lives which is exactly why sometimes the best gift to give is time: time to spend with your significant other because meddlesome and tedious chores are out of the way.

3. A Quiet Night In

When you think of Valentine’s Day “date” what comes to mind? A fancy restaurant, candles, flowers, waiters?

While this might be the idea behind a commonplace Valentine’s Day evening, how about thinking out of the box for this Valentine’s Day and having a perfect night in together.

Set up the lounge with a mattress, comfy pillows, blankets, all their go-to snacks and their favourite movie queued up on Netflix. Sometimes the best dates are the simple ones and they are sure to remember all the effort you went through to have a fun and relaxing evening at home together.

4. Surrounded by Nature

Looking for a way to spend Valentine’s Day with your friends or family? Go on a hike!

Luckily this year Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday making it the perfect time to plan a Sunday morning hike in the middle of nature.

If you’re not quite one for hiking what about canoeing or cycling? There are plenty of ways to get involved with nature and the kids are sure to love the great open spaces too.

Be sure to pack a delicious picnic to share with your loved ones when you reach your destination.

5. Cook a Homemade Dinner

Making dinner reservations at a restaurant for Valentine’s Day might be the go-to choice on how to spend your evening but what about surprising your special someone with a homemade dinner instead?

It’s time to dig out those recipes books, set the table with your finest dinnerware and to make an unforgettable meal for the person you love – from starter to dessert.

Many cultures believe food is the language of love and that making and offering food is one of the greatest ways to show love, care and appreciation for others. That sounds like the perfect recipe for Valentine’s Day if you ask me!

Now all that’s left to do is find that perfect recipe and you are ready to cook up a storm.


Show your sweetheart how much you care this Valentine’s Day with one of these simple yet thoughtful gestures.

Tell us what you would like to receive this Valentine’s Day in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.


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