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6 Hacks for Saving and Maximising Space in Your Home

03 April 2018
Love the Space You're In!

Love the Space You're In!

Is your home sweet home a little smaller than what you’d like it to be? Or are there one or two tiny rooms that just don’t fit in with the bigger picture? The good news is that, even if you find yourself living in a small space, it needn’t feel that way. Try these six hacks and you’ll be on your way to maximising and loving the space you’re in!

1. Use unique shelving

We’re sure you know about the wonders of floating shelves, but have you ever thought of placing them anywhere other than the middle of a wall? For example, you could make use of high shelving that’s just below the ceiling or shelving in the corner of the room that would otherwise go unused. Not only will this create some storage space, but it can also become a pretty place to showcase all your trinkets and décor.

2. Create an illusion

There are a number of ways to create the illusion of space, with one of our favourites being the use of large mirrors. In addition to them being visually pleasing, they also ‘open’ up the room, making it seem more spacious. You may also consider creating a focal point, which will help draw attention to a single place in a small room. Another hack is to paint lines on the walls - vertical lines running from floor to ceiling create the illusion of height while horizontal lines from wall to wall create the illusion of width.

3. Make every space count

Think of all the places with untapped potential: on top of cupboards, below beds, above or even behind doors. When you let your imagination flow, you may discover a hidden opportunity in every room. For example, you could look into fitting floating shelves above doorways, placing mobile storage bins above cupboards or installing multiple towel rods on the back of your bathroom door.

4. Use tiered storage

Tiered storage is the way to go when counter space is scarce. For small bathroom counters, you may consider using a tiered tray to hold the essentials like hand wash and cream or clean towels, earbuds and cotton balls for example. Our two-tier spice racks are also perfect if you’re short on space in the kitchen as they come with a screw pack for easy mounting on the wall or inside your pantry cupboard. Alternatively, our new two-tier spice drawers can neatly store your favourite spice bottles in a nearby drawer.

5. Invest in mobile storage

Mobile storage bins are all the rage and it’s easy to see why – they add instant storage space and are easy to access and move around as needed. In addition to this, they’re also a great option for those who are unable to make permanent fixtures to their rented home. Place them out of sight under the bed or on top of kitchen or bedroom cupboards – you may even consider using plastic totes in your fridge for increased storage and organization.

6. Be space smart

Living in a cosy abode is all about being smart with the space you have. No room for a dinner table? Simply stock up on our wooden trays so everyone can eat happily in the lounge. No laundry room? Our clothes horse expand and table-top ironing board were made with you in mind! Our catalogue is filled with quality products that are designed make your house a home and your lives a little easier.

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