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It’s Holiday time! Time to spend with your kids and family. Here are 8 Things to do this holiday with your family!

08 April 2015
It’s Holiday time! Time to spend with your kids and family. Here are 8 Things to do this holiday with your family! -  family picnic istock small

Go for a picnic. What’s better than an outdoor adventure with food? The parents can relax while the kids play. Why not pack a basket, blankets, bat and ball and head out to a park somewhere for a picnic. Whether you have an easy sarmies or if you choose to braai with a salad, the main thing is being outdoors and with family. Check out our lovely (and light to carry) salad servers and bamboo bowls for your salads and chips and why not make some delicious fruit skewers with our skewer sticks!? It will save some dishes!

Do an art or craft project. eg. Make your own pickup sticks using skewer sticks or a mini set with our toothpicks!

Go on a hike. Get out into the hills or around the city, be still and notice all the nature around you.

Have a family baking contest. Bake – who me? No thanks. But we say, WHY NOT? You are on holiday! Why not everyone get in the kitchen together and have fun while you all bake! Turn it into a competition. We have a bright red silicone and metal bakeware range on the market as well as useful wooden spoons and boards!

Plant a garden. Plants can be expensive, but weeding and trimming need not be! Why not create a neat edge to shape your garden. You can shape a garden using stones or by trimming the edges of the grass nicely. Take out the weeds to neaten it up. Try growing some simply herbs or veggies. Seeds don’t need to be pricey and it is so rewarding when you reap what you have sown, especially for a kid.

Take a trip to the fire station and have a tour. This can be both fun, interesting and educational and it’s free! The firemen would love to have a visit while they sit and wait on duty. Why not take them some treats you baked together as a token of appreciation.

Go to the library.The kids may see this as work but you might need a book to relax.Compromise and go together. There are some beautiful, old, mystical libraries floating around the cities that the digital world has removed us from. Go and experience the feeling and smells of a good old book again.

Go camping in the back yard. Or build a fort inside or outside! Building forts inside with couches and sheets on a rainy day is always loads of fun! Spending a night in your fort with midnight snacks is even better. Coax your kids away from electronics and let them experience the kinds adventures you grew up with!

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