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Holiday Laundry – Take a Load Off

20 November 2023

Laundry is the never-ending story of adulthood and it only seems to get worse over the holidays. With parties, days spent at the pool or the beach and everyone at home, it seems the laundry pile quadruples over the holiday period.

Take a load off.

Here are some handy tips to put the joy back into your holiday housekeeping.


Overflowing laundry baskets are an immediate trigger for a holiday meltdown. Make sure you bring out the big guns: BIGGER LAUNDRY BASKETS. House of York’s Deluxe Laundry Baskets are not only big enough to hold the whole family’s swimming towels, but they also conceal the contents in the basket. So, what might have been an eyesore with clothing peeling over in the corner of the room, is now an attractive feature.


If anything, make sure you have as many pegs as you can gather to make sure that there are no open spaces on your washing line. Our pegs also make it possible to hang up your items wherever you are – instead of throwing all those wet towels into the laundry basket, why not hang them up next to the pool?


Very few people actually like to iron and yet, during the festive season, you can’t get away without it! Instead of missing out on your all-important festive viewing, or stressing about juggling your roast and all the ironing, haul out House of York’s tabletop ironing board and iron wherever you are.


No knight is needed with our day-saving clothes horse. Pop in a load of laundry and hang it to dry overnight all before bedtime.

Managing your holiday laundry load during the holiday period just takes the right items to take the load off, see how many we have to offer here.

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