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Holiday Hosting Hacks

07 November 2023

The last few weeks of 2023 are fast approaching, which ultimately means that our long-awaited summer holiday is near! While some of us are preparing for our holiday destinations, others are preparing for the fact that they are the holiday destination! Hosting guests can be quite daunting, especially during summer holidays where face it, you need a bit of a break too.

We’ve put together a few hacks to take the edge off hosting and to have you enjoying the holidays as much as your guests do.


Food is often the highlight and the biggest stress around the holidays. Takeout isn’t always an option and preparing food for your family and guests can take quite a chunk out of your day. Whilst some easy meals are best served fresh, you can start your holiday cooking now, by preparing freezer-safe meals that can easily be heated up and served. Freezer-safe meals can include:

  • Lasagna,
  • Bolognese sauce,
  • Pizzas,
  • Pies,
  • Meatballs, and


If your guests are sleeping in a guest room, ensure that you start gathering your items now. Items that might make your guest room feel more comfortable can include:

  • A towel stand– especially if your guests do not have their own bathroom. A towel stand in their rooms means less clutter in the bathroom.
  • A space to store their clothes and toiletries-living out of a bag is doable, but not always comfortable. A luggage rack is perfect for storing luggage bags and allowing easy access to clothes, if you don’t have cupboard space. A multipurpose shelf allows your guests a space for toiletries and small items that might not be able to stay in a bag for their entire stay.
  • A laundry basket - providing your guests with their own laundry basket allows them the privacy of not having to store their dirty laundry with their hosts. If they’re staying for a long period of time, it also allows them to do their laundry separately from that of their hosts.
  • A toilet paper holder – spare your guests the embarrassment of having to ask for a toilet roll (or finding out there isn’t one when it’s too late) by stocking up a toilet paper holder with ample toilet rolls for their stay.


Let’s be honest, some of us aren’t the best version of ourselves before our first cup of coffee. Setting up a coffee station not only makes it easier to access the coffee, it also means fewer people in the kitchen. You’ll need:

  • A tray as the base for your coffee station. Our tea caddy trays are perfect for this.
  • A small kettle.
  • Cups and spoons.
  • A tea caddy for your coffee, tea and sugar.


More people in your home doesn’t necessarily have to mean more mess. Encouraging everyone to tidy as they go makes holiday hosting better for you and your guests. Many conversations can be had while tidying the kitchen, for instance, and offering your guests items like towel stands, laundry baskets and multipurpose shelves eliminates the clutter.


Holiday shopping can tire even the most energetic people out. Make sure that you’re stocked up on non-perishables that are sure to go quickly while hosting guests. This can include items like sugar, coffee, tea, soap and dry ingredients like pasta, grains and tinned foods.


No one is surrounded by perfection all the time. Rushing around and ensuring there is not a speck of dust, or shortage of snacks at any given moment in the day is a sure way to needing another holiday after the one you’re hosting. Relax, enjoy time with your guests and take a moment in your day to rest and take a break from hosting.

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