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Give the perfect gift this Mother's Day

22 April 2023


Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, the 14th of May next month, so let’s get you prepared and ready to show your love and appreciation for the special mothers in your life. Whether it’s a new mom, Grandmother, mother, or mother-in-law, a unique gift from the heart will mean the world to her.

Lemon tree

This vibrant tree is known for its fragrant blossoms, and gentle fruit that can be enjoyed for many years to come. The lemon tree is also a symbol for cleansing, freshness, healing, happiness, love, light, and optimism, which is great for any occasion, especially Mother’s Day. And to make it even more special, once you’ve gifted the tree to the special mother in your life, why not plant it for her too? She can choose the spot in the garden and the family can all help. Every time she looks at her blossoming tree or uses a handpicked lemon from the tree, she will be reminded of her family and how special you made her feel.

Canvas collage

A wonderful and priceless gift for any special Mum could be a big A2 or A3 wall-mounted canvas printed with a collage of photos of herself with her children or grandchildren to hang proudly in her home. Set some time aside to sort through and find special family photos. If you have actual photo albums, you can get your local printing shop to scan them for you to add to your collage. Alternately, look online on Facebook or Instagram for family photos. Once you have gathered enough pictures, either create a collage yourself or go to a printing shop to get assistance, and then get the canvas printed. Just like the lemon tree, you could help put the canvas up on the wall of her choice or get a little stand to place it on a countertop for her to admire every time she sees it.

Trolley dash

It’s not just the little ones who dream about running down the toy isles grabbing whatever their little arms can carry and tossing it into a trolley in a race against time. Our Moms would love to do that too! Not only will it be a fun outing for the family on Mother’s Day, but also a great way to give your special mom exactly what she would like as a gift as she will be choosing it herself. You can give her a few store options or let her choose her favourite shop herself. Great examples include nursery centres, clothing stores, stores that sell beauty and pamper products, a haberdashery, or an arts and crafts store. Decide on a set time for her trolley dash or limit the number of items she is allowed to throw in the trolley. You can also let her do a walk through the isles to see what grabs her attention, then let the fun begin! Once the time is up, have fun looking at all her winnings, and if it’s clothing or shoes, send the children to go get the correct sizes for Mom. End it all off with a well-earned cup of tea and cake at her favorite spot.

Our mothers are one-of-a-kind, and so should their special day be. A unique gift from you will create a lasting memory for her. Get planning, get creative, give the perfect gift to her.


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