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Get the 5-Star Look on a Budget

16 August 2023

Social media has elevated the holiday culture by revealing what accommodations across the world look like. And while we’re all aware that not everyone can have the Waldorf Astoria experience, there is a certain standard that is set for even the most affordable holiday accommodation.

Here are a few tips on getting that 5-star look, on a budget:


Room Layout

Something as simple as where you place the bed in proximity to a couch, can make the difference between a standard and premium looking unit! Ultimately, the room should allow for freedom of movement, functionality and aesthetics. Walking into a unit with a bed near a large window with an armchair nearby and a bathroom set nearby to the room can be more appealing than walking straight into a bed, with the bathroom taking up the most light and no seating.


Cosy it Up

Your room shouldn’t just be functional. A few personal touches make the room feel cosy and homey. This can include a few colourful or patterned cushions or throws, some plants or an ornament. All of these can 

be done on a budget, especially when buying from a wholesaler. Adding a House of York towel rack to your bathroom is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional too, allowing your guests to enjoy the convenience of a towel right by the shower, without it being against the wall.


Top Notch Amenities

Whether it’s swapping out your bath towels for bath sheets, getting a good quality coffee for the tea tray or a complimentary chocolate on the pillows, people love to be made to feel special. For all you know, you may become famous for your added touch, like Protea Hotels Marriott that is so well known for their bright red apples placed in each room. House of York’s wide variety of colours in trays, tea trays and tea caddies are sure to help you add that signature touch that, because of our quality, will last for years to come. Add in our table top ironing board and you’re set to be the most popular accommodation around.


Plain Linens

Change up patterned linens with plain white or beige linens. This is not only easier to clean it’s also easier to keep your design updated, by allowing you to mix and match other design elements. This leaves you free to pick and choose, and even change up, the colours of your amenities. Items such as the House of York luggage racks are an excellent item to assist with changing up the look of your room, by simply swapping out for a different colour of the same item.


Neutral Walls

The same idea applies to your walls as your linens. Neutral colours, such as creams, browns or beiges, also give the idea of cleanliness. So, as well as being versatile for design purposes, it also keeps your room looking spic-and-span.


Keep Your Wall Art Fresh

There’s a difference between an antique and an old printed picture: quality. With today’s printing technology, it’s both easy and affordable to keep your wall art up to date, especially when it comes to pictures of nearby attractions.


Get a Comfy Chair

Not like your dad’s worn out Lazeeboy. A modern, comfortable chair can be bought at a great price from wholesalers, second hand dealers or even an auction. It’s a simple and easy way to keep your room updated without breaking the bank.


There are so many ways that you can elevate the feel of your accommodation facility that won’t cost you a cent. Just remember that keeping it simple allows for more of your budget to be spent on the important things like reliable appliances, regular maintenance projects and, most of all, spoiling your guest. Fortunately, at House of York, we do bulk orders that save you extra pennies too, while giving you long lasting quality.





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