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Fuss-Free New Year’s Party Ideas

17 December 2021
Fuss-Free New Year’s Party Ideas -  december hoy

With only two weeks left until the ball drops, it is time to start gathering some ideas for this year’s New Year’s party. Even if this year was a tough one, there are plenty of good things to look forward to next year and that is something worth celebrating.

So buy yourself a sparkly outfit, pre-purchase some champers and start adding tasty recipe ideas to your save list because there is no better way to celebrate another trip around the sun than with a party.

Start 2022 on the right foot with some of these fuss-free New Year’s party ideas:

1. Zoom in for Maximum Effect

Unfortunately some friends and family might not be able to attend your party because of Covid-19 restrictions but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate together.

Chat platforms like Zoom, Teams and Skype allow you to video call so, even though some people might not be there in person, there is no reason that they cannot be at your party in spirit.

This is an easy way to interact with a large group of people while still making sure that everyone is safe.

2. Party Games

There is a lot of time between when your guests arrive and midnight so fill the gap with some fun party games like Cluedo, Pictionary or 30 Seconds. This is a great way to get everyone hyped up and to kill some time.

Some games, like Pictionary or 30 Seconds, can even be played over Zoom or Teams to make sure that everyone at the party feels included.

If you are in more of a disco mood you can always sing karaoke or have a dance contest – whatever gets you groovin’!

3. Reminisce

The end of the year is a time of reflection for many people and what better opportunity to look back on the year and point out all the highlights than during your New Year’s party?

This is also equally as good an opportunity as any to start thinking of those dreaded New Year’s resolutions – maybe this time we can try to stick to them!

4. Sort out the Eats

What type of snacks do you want at this year’s party?

Are you looking for a more fast-paced party with finger eats, a laid back atmosphere with some pizza or something more formal with a sit-down dinner?

Whatever you decide to do, it is time to start scrolling through Facebook and saving all the recipes and desserts that you want to try out. Maybe you can even do some cooking and baking together as a family as a part of the evening’s plans!

5. Take Plenty of Photos

Every year, no matter how tough it might have been, is a year worth remembering which is why we are encouraging you to take as many photos during your party as possible.

This is not just to remember your evening but to share on Facebook or print out and paste in your photo album – this is about more than celebrations; it is about making everlasting memories with those that you care about the most.

6. Spike your Desserts

Boozy desserts have proven to be a favourite at New Year’s parties – this can be anything from brandy balls to champagne cupcakes and tipsy tart!

The possibilities are nearly endless!

Be sure to check your liquor cabinet and Google some recipes that can be made with what you have in stock.

To push you in the right direction start by checking out these champagne cupcakes by

7. Breakfast for Dinner

Since we are all likely going to be asleep for breakfast, why not have your breakfast early?

Instead of having a traditional dinner this year, have your breakfast instead. This can be anything from cereals to pancakes smothered in syrup or waffles packed with cream, strawberries and blueberries.

This is also a great opportunity to make some milkshakes.

Try something different and have breakfast for dinner this year.

8. Pajama Party

If you are planning on spending a quiet evening this year with your family then you should celebrate the New Year in comfort. Everyone can put on their favourite pyjamas and head to the living room for a movie marathon.

Sometimes the best way to start the New Year is in comfort – after all, you can always go all out on New Year’s Day!


How do you plan to spend New Year’s this year?

Be sure to share your plans and ideas with our followers on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages so that everyone can throw the best party ever!

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