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5 Ways to Bond Over Family Dinner

01 February 2019
5 Ways to Bond Over Family Dinner  -  family dinner

Eating supper together is an important part of family bonding. Most of us lead busy lifestyles that don’t allow for much leisurely time with our loved ones during the week. But with that being said, there’s always time for a plate of food at the end of the day. So why not make mealtimes count by eating together while you catch up on each other’s day. Here are five ways you can strengthen family ties around the dinner table.

Get everyone involved

Assign a special task to each family member so that everyone has a vested interest in dinner. For example, children can be placed in charge of setting the table while your partner lends a hand in the kitchen. Little master chefs can also help out by reading the recipe, measuring and mixing the ingredients. Not only is this a fun way to spend quality time with them, but it also helps improves their reading and counting skills. You could even let them pick one special ingredient to add to the recipe, so they can express their creativity and get excited about eating their unique creation.

Go gadget free

Smartphones can be a big hindrance to family bonding. It’s easy to get distracted by a screen instead of being present with those around us. But as the old adage goes, there’s a time and place for everything. Why not make the dinner table a gadget-free zone? By removing the temptation to scroll through social media and messaging apps you can make room for more meaningful face to face conversations. One idea is to have everyone leave their phones in a designated bowl during mealtimes. With its five moveable dividers, our Sachet Sorter is ideal for this application and will neatly store everyone’s gadgets till dinner is done. Take a look here.

Let the music play

Instead of sitting in silence, shake things up by allowing everyone to take turns in choosing a mealtime playlist. This gives each family member something to look forward to – whether it be the chance to listen to their favourite songs or the anticipation over what genre will be played next. This simple, fun activity (que those ‘fork as a microphone’ sing-alongs) is a wonderful way to discover your loved one’s musical tastes and it helps pave the way for further discussion around their interests.

Spark a conversation

Stay up to speed with each other’s lives by asking everyone to share the highs and lows of their day. This encourages open communication within your family, and will help you to stay attuned to your loved ones’ feelings and any challenges they may be facing at school or work. You could also opt for a more light-hearted approach, covering age-appropriate topics and asking fun questions like, “If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you want it to be?” or “If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose?”. Here are some more mealtime conversation starters for ages two and above.

Start a tradition

Make mealtimes more meaningful by starting a new tradition that’s unique to your family and that everyone enjoys. Two nice examples we’ve come across include having a weekly game night where everyone lingers around the table after dinner to play a board game or a ‘backwards night’ where you eat dessert first, then the main course, and finally the starter/salad.


What are some of the ways you bond with your family during dinner? Let us know via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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