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Big Life Lessons We've Learnt from The Tiny House Movement

23 October 2019
Big Life Lessons We've Learnt from The Tiny House Movement -  tiny home

The Tiny House Movement has taken America by storm and is on the rise in many other countries around the world. If you don’t already know what the fuss is about, the Tiny House Movement is an architectural and social movement that encourages people to lead simpler lives in smaller spaces.

Tiny homes themselves are small houses of around 93m2, with some as small as just 7.4m2. To give some context, that’s about as big as a moderately sized bedroom! While they can be built on foundations, many tiny homes are built on trailers, giving owners the freedom to travel with their homes wherever they please. Here are five big life lessons we’ve learned from these small homes.

Lesson #1: Make Space for The Things That Matter

Before they can move in, tiny home owners usually need to embark on some serious decluttering. While some items are harder to say goodbye to than others, they often find it mentally and emotionally freeing to let go of the things they no longer need. Which just goes to show that decluttering doesn’t only help open up a physical space, it also positively impacts a person’s overall wellbeing. Similarly, we should also let go of any unhealthy habits that are holding us back and clear out the things that don’t matter, so we can make way for the things that do. 

Lesson #2: Everything Is for a Purpose

Tiny house dwellers appreciate that every inch counts. Because space is always a challenge, most of their furniture and accessories are multi-functional. For example, a fold-down dining table may double up as a desk or homework station, and a staircase may double up as a bookcase or storage unit. This has taught us that everything has a purpose in life. Whether positive or negative, each experience has shaped us into multifaceted individuals, so that we are able to face the challenges that come our way.

Lesson #3: Let the Light In

Many tiny home owners use windows, mirrors, and light colours to make their inner space feel brighter and bigger. This serves as two great reminders. Firstly, it is important to surround ourselves with optimistic people and to remain positive even when we’re in a dark place. Secondly, we shouldn’t allow others to dim our shine – our positive outlook, hopes, and dreams. As author Marianne Williamson once said, “As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

Lesson #4: Live Sustainably

One of the big reasons why people ‘go tiny’ is to be more environmentally friendly. Because they are so small, tiny homes require much less energy than the average home. Some owners also install mini solar panels to make their carbon footprint even lighter. The important takeaway here is that we should all strive to live as sustainably as possible. Renewable energy may fall outside our financial means, but there are plenty of other things we can do to turn our homes into eco-friendly spaces. Click here to read our latest article where we share five ideas for doing so. 

Lesson #5: Fill Your Life with Experiences, Not Things

Those who follow the tiny house movement know this to be true: life is about experiences, not things. What matters most is not the size of our homes or the items within them, but rather the people by our side and the memories we create together. So if you needed a gentle reminder about the meaning of life today, this is surely it.


What are your thoughts on the Tiny House Movement? Whether you have your own tiny home, would like to own one, or are simply fascinated by those who do, please share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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