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Why House of York Is The Best Choice For Your Home

23 June 2014
Why House of York Is The Best Choice For Your Home  -  Article Jun

Choosing products for your kitchen and home can often be fun to shop for. But do you know if you’re choosing the right products for your home? Many people aren’t clued up as to what is good or bad for your kitchen or home, so we took it upon ourselves to give you some advice – in the form of product comparisons.

At House of York, we take pride in the high quality of our products. To make sure you make the right decision, we decided to focus on three of our most popular products (cutting boards, bakeware and ironing boards) and tell you why deciding on ours is the best choice you can make – both for yourself and your home.


Wooden vs Plastic Cutting Boards

There tends to be a common misconception that plastic cutting boards are more hygienic and better to work on than wooden cutting boards. This is, quite simply, untrue. Wood is "alive” and it has been proven that bacteria die rather than manifest when it gets cut into the boards. These types of bacteria actually prefer plastic – making these boards more susceptible to germs lingering and making their way into your food.

You may also want to choose wooden cutting boards over plastic if you want your knives and boards to last long. Cutting on the plastic will very quickly ruin your knives and make them blunt. Unlike wood, plastic boards also stain rather easily, which makes it difficult to wash out due to the grooves in the plastic created by the sharp knives.

Lastly, if you’re not convinced yet, wooden boards are far more eco-friendly as they’re both biodegradable and renewable. If you’re a very eco-conscious person, opt for a bamboo cutting board. This is technically a type of grass, but it’s harder than wood, more durable and even more renewable, according to The World Bamboo Organisation.

Silicone vs Metal Bakeware


It goes without saying that metal bakeware is still the most popular kind, but we are seeing more and more silicone bakeware of all colours and shapes appearing in the shops. It’s definitely becoming trendy to bake with these and have them in your kitchen.

Metal heats up very quickly – which serves as a pro and con. The pro being that it takes a quick amount of time to get to the temperature you want for your baked good; and the con being it could (and often does) end up burning some part of your food, whether it be the bottom or the outer edges. You also always have to make sure metal bakeware is greased to prevent sticking; and this is even if they say they are non-stick.

On the other hand, we have silicone bakeware. Silicone is heat-resistant and non-stick. Best of all, they come in many shapes and it’s so easy to take your finished product out of the flexible mould! They’re also very versatile in that they can be used in the oven, microwave and even the fridge and freezer if need be. Silicone also heats up evenly, baking your mixture evenly and all the way through.

Our silicone range is in vibrant red and black colours and they are supported by metal – giving you stability but with the flexible benefits of silicone. Our range consists of muffin pans, chiffon pans, loaf pans, pie pans and square pans, so there’s plenty to choose from at House of York.

Wooden vs Metal Ironing Boards


Gone are the days where you’d move into a house with an ironing board built into one of the kitchen cupboards or drawers, save for the older houses. Now you get to pick and choose which ironing board suits you best. But which one is better – metal or wooden?

Upon our research, we found that opinions on this differed – with the metal and wooden ones both coming equally. We may not be experts with metal, but we can at least give you some of the benefits of our own wooden ironing boards.

At House of York, we have a range of wooden ironing boards available for you to choose from. Not only are they lightweight and easy to store, they also have adjustable heights which will make your ironing experience as comfortable as possible and prevent backache. Another great feature is the heat-resistant iron rest – so no more burns!

Bonus Tip:Take a look at our metallisedironing board covers– they reflect the heat from your iron upwards and back onto the garment, speeding up the ironing process.

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