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Back to School Tips For Parents

11 July 2017
Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips

The long winter break is slowly coming to an end and now comes the stressful reality of preparing your children to go back to school.

Getting your children back into a routine after a long winter holiday can be more challenging than expected, but with a little organisation and planning, it can be a lot easier than expected.

Have a look at a few tips from House of York to help smooth the transition for your kids when preparing them to go back to school. Please also keep in mind that it’s best to implement these tips a week before school begins.

1. Set up a regular sleep and wake-up routine

A week before school starts begin their regular sleep routine and start waking them up at the same time they would usually get up when going to school. It’s best to organise activities for them to wake up for. For example, walking the dog in the morning at the same time they would usually get up and get ready for school. This will help them get back into a routine before school starts.

2. Review school material

Being organised is the key when preparing your children for the next school term. Firstly, look at all their stationary and stock up on any supplies they may need for the new school term. Take your children shopping with you for supplies and encourage them to make the list with you on what school supplies they will need. This will also help them have a feeling of responsibility and prepare them for the new school term.

3. Get organised

When the new term starts you will most probably be inundated with forms, events and school information. To ensure that you’re prepared for this have a file to keep all school forms and information in. Also, buy a calendar to mark any important dates and extramural activities.

4. Schedule any important check-ups or appointments

The long June/July holidays are the perfect opportunity to schedule those annual check-ups, such as dentist appointments, optometrists, haircuts or seeing your local GP.

5. Turn off the TV and video games

Because of the cold winter weather during the June/July holidays, many children’s holidays are filled with endless TV time. This usually puts children into shock as time passes faster when you’re watching TV. They will, therefore, find it harder to sit and concentrate at their desk when learning.

Ease your children into the learning process by getting out lots of interesting books and preparing fun arts and crafts activities for them to enjoy instead.

6. Set goals with your kids

Encourage your children to set a few school related goals during the holiday, for example, reading two extra books each week or maybe getting up a littler earlier in the morning, packing their own lunch and exercising more. It is important to set a few goals for your children. As this will give them something to work towards when going back to school. A reward system is also a good way to keep them motivated with their goals.

7. Plan different lunch options

Start thinking about exciting and healthy lunch options for your children’s school lunch packs. Purchase a calendar and jot down different lunch ideas and discuss this with your children before you go grocery shopping. Preparing healthy baked snacks in advance is also a great way to get your children involved and a perfect activity to keep them busy.

8. Back to school surprise

Surprise your children with a back to school surprise. This can be anything from a new lunch box or backpack. This will excite them to go back to school to show all their friends.

Preparing your children to go back to school doesn’t have to be a dreaded nightmare filled with stress and anxiety, but instead if planned correctly can be a smooth and pleasant experience.

How do you prepare your child for going back to school? Share your ideas by connecting with us on social media. We would love to hear from you.

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