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Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas

04 February 2014
Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas -  JJ A
Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas -  JJ A
Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas -  JJ A
Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas -  JJ A
Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas -  JJ A
Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas -  JJ A
Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas -  JJ A

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Luckily for men, the rise of the foodie phenomenon has women and men around the world not only indulging in new and interesting foods, but also documenting it by taking photos and sharing it on social media.

This month, we decided to share some tasty menu ideas with you for Valentine’s Day. The fusion in these stylish dishes gives them just the right combination of flavours to tantalise those taste buds of yours. Not to mention, it’s a great way to impress and spoil your significant other!

Party Platter

For many people, any excuse is used to throw a party, which is why Valentine’s Day parties are very popular. Some might choose to invite a whole lot of their couple friends over, while others might prefer to throw a bash for all their single friends. Whatever the case, when throwing a party, food platters always go down well. Instead of stressing over cooking a 3-course dinner for 10 people, finger-snacks are easy and take far less preparation - and people love them too.

Here are some lovely, yummy ideas of what to have on your snack platter:

  • Vietnamese chicken spring rolls
  • Bacon and rosemary ties (bacon wrapped around rosemary sprigs)
  • Prosciutto and ricotta figs
  • Smoked chicken and avocado corn fritters
  • Marinated mushroom bruschetta

For an attractive platter, you can serve the food up on one of our lovely wooden trays or even on one of our cutting boards.

Picnic Basket

If you don’t have the time to do something in the evening, why not go for a lovely afternoon picnic for two? The weather is perfect for it this time of year and, like the party platter, it takes a lot less preparation than a full course meal.

We’ve got some great ideas for your picnic basket – including a bit of healthy food, meat and even a bit of a guilty treat.

Here are some food ideas to include in your picnic basket:

  • Simple summer tomato tarts
  • Bocconcini-stuffed meatballs (bocconcini is a small mozzarella cheese)
  • Salad jars
  • Berry and cheese skewers
  • Decadent chocolate brownies

Romantic Dinner for Two

An intimate dinner for two is usually the first option on most people’s list of what to do on Valentine’s Day, which is exactly why restaurants are fully booked on this date. Staying at home and preparing a meal for, or even with, your partner can be something nice and different to do. It’s a pleasant change from eating out and having your usual dish at the usual place.

While this takes a bit more effort than the other two suggestions above, it’s definitely worth it. The ingredients used in these dishes pack a punch and are guaranteed to send your taste buds into a frenzy.

Take a look at this amazing 3-course menu idea:

  • Starter:Sexy Carpaccio platter with rocket and parmesan, topped with blueberries.
  • Main course:Slow roasted and succulent Greek leg of lamb with a tomato and feta salad.
  • Dessert: A chocolate and strawberry ice-cream sandwich.

Our lovely bamboo forks are perfect for dishing up this salad – available at our store from only R19.95. Preparation of the lamb can also be made easy when preparing it on our solid wood butcher’s block, available from R504.95. 

These delicious ideas were created and given to us by Shelley from Hanson’s Deli. Shelley was just a year old when her parents, Val and Rod, opened Hanson’s Deli. After discovering her passion for food and catering in New York, Shelley took over the business and has led it to the success it is today. Offering food and ingredients of fresh and high quality, their food is always made with love.

You can find all the ingredients you need to cook these meals at Hanson’s Deli. Take a look at their Facebook page here.

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