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Texture at home

23 July 2012
Texture at home -  Textures at Home

Catwalk inspiration

Texture, the blending of, and clashing colours is seen season upon season on international catwalks and it creeps into our homes. Fashion and interior design are entwined industries and it's not exclusive to swanky boutique hotels. It's evident in the interior stores we visit and how we decorate our home. Colour and texture add dimension and intrigue to a room, accessorising is falling by the way side.

Texture at home

When used properly, texture adds a whole new ambiance to a space. In decorating, it isn't simply something you can touch, but see. A room becomes an experience for all the senses, an interaction, and an indulgence.

Whether a blank canvas, or update of an existing space, the injection of colour and texture will create maximum impact and a real sense of individuality.

Think of metallic paints, the adding of sand to create a rougher texture – there are simple and affordable ways to customise an otherwise plain item, piece of furniture or room,

Add pops of colour

Colour not only transforms a bland room into something spectacular, but it can also change the sense of its shape and size. And by altering colours it is a quick way to change you home's feel or modernity.

The simplicity of the wooden House of York products makes for easy customising. Coating in paint finishes, applying broken mirror or covering in fabric - the only limit is your imagination.

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