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Spring Clean Your Life This Year

06 October 2014
Spring Clean Your Life This Year -  Cleaning
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For most of us, cleaning isn’t really our favourite pastime; as the late comedian, Joan Rivers, famously said: "I hate housework. You make the beds, you wash the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again”.

Despite most people dreading having to do house cleaning, something about the season of spring motivates many of us to take a step back and re-evaluate everything – from our house to our lives.

Spring cleaning your life starts with spring cleaning your house – and luckily, House of York has tons of great products available to make it all easier for you. Take a look at some helpful spring cleaning tips we have for your home and for your general well-being.

Spring Clean your Home

While there are obvious spring cleaning tips to follow, such as make sure to wash your curtains and carpets, we have some other tips for you – starting with your clothing cupboards.

A great thing to do is to first pack away all of your winter clothes. It’s good to keep a couple of warm tops and cardigans, but big boots, coats and scarves take up a lot of space and can be packed away. The best thing to do is to opt for some wooden hangers, as wire ones are too harsh on your clothing, especially if they’re going to be hanging for quite a while. Another tip for your wardrobe is to throw out/give away anything that you haven’t worn in 2 years.

Next is the living room and your study (or wherever your desk is). These are areas where it’s very easy to get cluttered; what with ornaments, vases, books, magazines, change, keys and the list goes on. If you have a bookshelf that’s looking a bit haphazard, reorganise it. For the rest of your things, invest in some shelving or a rack to put your ornaments, vases or magazines on. This will neaten the place up straight away. Our House of York A-Frame Racking is ideal for this and is available in pine, whitewash, mahogany and more. For those extra bits and bobs such as your pens, safety pins, change or even your keys, invest in one of our organisers, available in an array of colours.

Lastly we have the kitchen. In many kitchens, it often tends to be the cutlery draws and the pantry cupboard that gets unorganised quite quickly. Invest in some cutlery trays and make sure to pack your cutlery in there neatly each time after washing the dishes. This way, you get to keep it neat and won’t have to search for your grater or potato peeler each time you need it. For the pantry, start off by throwing away anything that’s past its expiry date. Then group the canned goods together, the packet sauces together and so on to make it more organised. Our storage canisters are perfect for storing your rice and pasta and they keep it fresh.

Spring Clean your Life

There are so many tips out there on how to spring clean your mind, body and soul to achieve an overall better well-being. Our first bit of advice starts in the clothing cupboard again. Throw or give away clothing that hasn’t fit you for a long time. Having clothes that are too small or tight lying around will constantly lower your self-esteem.

Spring is the perfect excuse to watch what you eat, as it’s too hot for winter comfort foods. Changing your diet and being more active outdoors will no doubt put a bit of a spring in your step. Our last bit of advice is to get rid of toxic people in your life. Are somebody’s Facebook updates constantly getting you down because they’re depressed or are full of negativity? Delete or unfollow them – it really makes the world of a difference.

At House of York, we love spring. While giving your house a thorough spring clean now and then isn’t ideal at all for most of us, it will definitely make you feel better. Do you have any spring cleaning tips to share? Let us know!

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