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Relax and Rejuvenate Ahead of the Silly Season

14 November 2013
Relax and Rejuvenate Ahead of the Silly Season -  scrapbooking
Relax and Rejuvenate Ahead of the Silly Season -  diary
Relax and Rejuvenate Ahead of the Silly Season -  mom doing crafts with kids
Relax and Rejuvenate Ahead of the Silly Season -  mom and little one

Don’t you just love this time of the year?

When the light at the end of the tunnel seems closer; when the ‘hustle and bustle’ of everyday life seems more bearable at the thought of the December holidays…

This is the time we look forward to – a time to kick off the shoes and enjoy quality time with family and friends, having long conversations around the dinner table and watching the kids enjoy time in the summer sunshine. This is the time to relax and rejuvenate mind, body and soul before the dawn of the new year.

In preparation for the year end shutdown, the tight deadlines and the happy (or frustrating) thoughts of family arriving for the holidays, we’re asking the question – what do you do to relax and unwind right now?

Stress is a major issue in many lives, with work stress aggravating frustrations at home, continuing the cycle of anxiety. Each person needs to have their way of relaxing, whether it be going for a walk through the shopping centre on a Saturday morning while a friend or family member minds the kids, or relaxing in the bath a couple of times a week with a good book and scented candles.

Busy moms will understand the value of quality time. Ensure that you make time for yourself, especially during the last stretch till year-end. The holiday season can be extremely stressful for some – ensure that you plan ahead.

If you’re feeling stressed and anxious right now, try these great ideas to distress and unwind:

  1. Create a Pinterest account & pin inspirational quotes, innovative household products and décor images to your online pinboards.
  2. Once the kids have gone to bed, write down one positive thing about the day – your diary will end up having 365 positive thoughts in it.
  3. Let your creative juices flow free by printing those family photos you’ve had on your computer for the last year. Buy scrapbooking paper and start off with creating a few pages. You’ll be amazed at the results, and the sense of relaxation and achievement.
  4. Read your favourite magazine before going to sleep. Reading helps to relax the mind and take the focus away from the day’s stresses.
  5. Burn scented candles while you enjoy time in the bath.

By making time for yourself, you will maintain your sense of ‘self’ and perhaps have more time and energy to focus on activities with the kids. Why not do an arts and crafts project with them – paint a canvas for the lounge wall or create artwork to frame and exhibit on House of York display shelves. Let them help you make smaller décor changes to your home – add a spice rack to your kitchen to declutter your workspace; add extra towel rails to the bathroom to help when you have visitors. House of York products will help in creating an organised space where you can relax and unwind.

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