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Last minute ideas to spoil mom this Mothers’ Day

08 May 2015
Last minute ideas to spoil mom this Mothers’ Day -  Mom

Here are some simple last minute ideas to treat mom.

Find out what mom enjoyed doing as she grew up and help her relive those memories.

Ask mom what the things were that she enjoyed most during the early years of her life. Arrange some time out with mom and do one of the activities. If it is something that is not around anymore, you can always try and recreate the memory or the environment like making a "drive-in” that could be set up at home or a karaoke night where you can all take part in!

Talk to her

We are often so caught up in our own lives that we forget to check in with our parents from time to time. So talk to mom. Put your phone away! Use the day to bond with her. We do not realise how something as simple as talking to her and telling her about the latest developments in our lives, lightens up her day.

Bring mom’s favourite destination to her.

In an ideal world, we would all have the time and finances to take our loved ones all around the world, at any time, whenever we like. But that is not always possible. If you can’t take your mom on a trip to her dream destination, why not bring the destination to her? You can "take” mom to Mexico by preparing a Mexican fiesta or "take” her to Paris to enjoy a taste of France. Dress up in some traditional attire and play some music from the specific country to create a sense of being in that country without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Visit a lonely mom or granny in an old age home

Visit an old age home in or around your area on mother’s day. Go and wish all the mothers happy mother’s day. You would be surprised as to how many of these mothers/grandmothers do not receive any visits from their relatives during their time in the home.

Ladies day out

Let’s face it; mom does not get out much. If she is not at work, she is doing
 things to help us. How about a mother’s day evening for her and her ladies to take time out. Get a few of her best friends together and prepare a lunch or evening dinner out for them. As much as our moms love us, they do appreciate some kid and spouse-free time out with her girlfriends.

Have a "create your own pizza” night

Get the family together and have a pizza evening. Let mom have a break from cooking this time and all decorate your own pizza with toppings. This is an ideal way to spend time with the family while treating mom.

Whatever you do this Mothers’ Day, make sure to put mom first! Enjoy the special day.

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