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Inspiration for Women’s Month

13 August 2013
Inspiration for Women’s Month -  house of york images
Inspiration for Women’s Month -  Image
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Inspiration for Women’s Month -  images

Women wear so many different hats in today’s society, from partner and wife to mom and taxi driver, even referee when children argue. While we are known to be brilliant at multitasking, we are also known to avoid "me-time” in exchange for chores or school pickups as our guilt buttons are always switched on.

Indulging in your interests is not a selfish activity and neither is enjoying the peace and quiet when the kids are out or hubby is playing golf. That is the time to enjoy your home to its fullest; to create a cosy corner for yourself to enjoy a good book or a glass of wine from a bottle housed in a beautifully crafted House of York wine rack.

All House of York wooden products are available in different finishes to ensure a good match to your interior décor at home. Remember that colours play a vital role in our thinking and emotions on a daily basis and one should always include brighter shades to bring warmth to a room.

When taking time out, you should focus on spending time in an area that is peaceful – perhaps it’s a chair in your sunny garden or courtyard, or a corner of your lounge where you have a collection of magazines in a House of York mounted magazine rack.

Ensure that your relaxation area is free of any distractions i.e. make sure you cannot see the fully stuffed laundry basket or the kitchen basin filled with dishes. Don’t devalue your importance - make sure that you take time out to connect with yourself.

And what better way to connect and gain some inspiration than through learning a new dish! Nigella is a world-famous chef with her own recipe books as well as television shows. Her passion for food comes across strongly, and we’ve shared a decadent recipe with you, perfect for a wintery day. Here is a delicious roly-poly recipe from Nigella’s recipe collection:


1 x 185 grams slab shop-boughtshort-crust pastry (thawed, if frozen)
240 grams golden syrup
125 ml full fat milk 


1.Preheat the oven to 200°C. Roll out the pastry to a size about 18 x 32.5cm.

2.Pour thegolden syruponto the pastry, leaving a 2cm margin around the edge.

3.With a buttered oval gratin dish (28cm) at the ready, roll up the pastry from the short side into a fat sausage shape.

4.Transfer to the dish, putting the seam underneath, and pour half of the milk down one side of the roly-poly and half down the other side.

5.Bake in the oven for 30 minutes and serve with cream or ice-cream.

Here’s to an inspiring Women’s Day and month, remembering that it’s not just one day that should be ours. Harness your power to create your own "me-time” whenever needed.


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