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How to Maximise Your Small Space

09 June 2014
Multi-purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose Furniture

With Youth Day around the corner, we found it only fair to give the youth some great tips for their homes this month.

When you move out of home for the first time, chances are you will have to adapt to living in a much smaller place than you’re used to. Studios and loft apartments are very popular options for students or if you’re just starting out at your new job, so we decided to give you some advice on how to make the most of your small space and how to make it appear larger.

Of course, these tips work for anyone, no matter how old you are or where you live. In the end, we just want your small place to be the best it can be and a place you’ll be happy and proud to call home.

Multi-purpose Furniture

Living in a small space definitely isn’t easy when you have limited storage space and lots of items to store! We suggest you make use of furniture that you can use for multiple purposes.

Ottomans are all the rage right now as far as décor trends are concerned and they come in an array of fashionable colours to brighten up your living area. If you can, go for the ones that are hollow with lids so that they can double up as something to sit on as well as a small storage unit. Chests are also great ways to save space – use it as a coffee table and store anything you need to in it.

At House of York, we also have some products that you can use in different ways. Our breakfast trays, for example, are usually used exactly what they’re intended for. However, this can also be used to balance your laptop on or even as a little desk to work on if you don’t feel like getting out of bed. Perfect for the upcoming wintery weekends! Our butler trays serve the same purpose and can be used to eat on, work on or even as a bedside table.

Lighting and Colour

If you stay in a studio, the way you paint your walls can play a big part in the perception of space. Try being a bit daring and opting for an accent wall such as a bright red wall, for example. This will also help differentiate your lounge from your bedroom and your kitchen as it will give the impression of there being different areas in your apartment.

To make the entire area look bigger, strategically placed mirrors can create an illusion of depth to any room. For better results, you should also let in as much natural light as possible. The natural light has the potential to reflect off the mirror, creating a brighter, bigger looking place.

Shelving and Going Vertical

One of the best ways to save space is to look up – literally. We often focus so much on filling up our ground space that we forget we have the walls all the way up to the ceiling to work with.

Shelves work wonders! You can even create a floating desk and shelves which will save you a lot of floor space. Another space-saver we came across quite often is to put shelves above your bed instead of having bedside tables. This works especially well for those with very small bedrooms. This can also work for tiny kitchens by building shelves above the kitchen sink.

As mentioned before, studio and loft apartments are very popular; however, they’re very limited in space. A great way to separate the apartment into different sections is to use shelving racks. Our A-Frame Racking is perfect for this and it gives the illusion that your place consists of more than just one big room.

Odds and Ends

Storage often becomes one of the main problems when moving into a small place. If your bathroom is particularly tiny, we all know what a mission it can be to find a place to keep bathroom towels. Buy yourself a cheap wine rack and store rolled up towels in it – it’s practical without looking tacky.

You should also consider making use of a table top ironing board. This is convenience at its best! Ours is lightweight and compact enough to easily store it underneath your bed once you’re done with it.

We also have very handy tray drawer organisers in different colours. Each one has 5 compartments where you can store all your bits and bobs from cutlery and stationary to jewellery.

No matter how tiny your place is, saving space and making it look bigger than what it is can be relatively easy if you go by our tips. Got any more tips on space-saving to share with us? Leave us a comment or drop us a line on Facebook. We would love your input!

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