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Home is Where the Heart is…

18 February 2014
Home is Where the Heart is… -  HeartIs

Fall in love with your home this Valentine’s Day.

Every year as Valentine’s Day approaches, the world focuses on the love they have in their relationships – whether it’s with a significant other, a friend or simply love for your family. This year, why not ignore all the red heart-shaped chocolates and trinkets and rather be inspired to fall in love with your home.

There are so many creative things you can do in your home and garden to add some colour, love and beauty to it – from DIY to splurging and spoiling yourself a bit. Small changes around the house can make a very big difference, so take a look at some of these interesting ways to make you love where your heart is this Valentine’s Day – home.

Transform your bare walls

A room with ordinary white walls can be rather boring. To liven things up a bit, try an accent wall. It’s easy to do because all it entails is painting one wall of your lounge or bedroom a bright colour – this will add colour to your room as well as give the impression of the room being a lot bigger.

An ingenious idea is to buy some chalkboard paint. This is ideal if you have kids in the house or if you are just a forgetful person. Paint a small block of it near to the kitchen so that you can write groceries or a "things to do” list on it - similar to the regular white board, but much more innovative. It’s also a very good idea to paint a part of your child’s bedroom wall with it so that they can draw on it and be creative.

Lastly, if your walls are bare and lacking colour, memory boards are lovely to add to your lounge – and very easy to make. All you need to do is cover foam boards (any shape you would like) in any fabric you choose; then take printed photos of you and your friends and family and pin them to the boards. The result is beautiful and an improvement to an otherwise boring wall.

Add life indoors

If your home is dark, bring some life into it by decorating it with shells. Shells and starfish arrangements, whether in a bowl on the coffee table or on the bathroom wall, always manage to bring a beach-feeling to the home. Indoor plants also have this effect, as adding some greenery in that dingy, neglected corner of your lounge can make all the difference.

If looking after plants isn’t really your forte, adding light bamboo shades to your windows will brighten your home as well as make it feel warmer and more welcoming - as opposed to dark wood and thick curtains.

Especially for Valentine’s Day

We can’t ignore the fact that we are in the month of love, especially because many people out there really enjoy getting their homes ready for this day. It seems like sweets, chocolates and hearts will forever be the symbols of Valentine’s Day, which makes it a nice and easy day to decorate for. A simple and cheap idea to get your home Valentine-ready is to buy some heart-shaped chocolates and sweets and put them together into jars and vases around the house. The idea has more of a classy look to it, rather than kitschy. 

Wooden, painted hearts can be found all over in the home stores lately because they are a huge trend in the décor department. These are really great to have around the home – hanging on a wall, on a door, or even a few together in a bowl on your table. Best of all, you can keep these around throughout the year!

Don’t forget about the garden

At night, something as simple as fairy lights can make your garden look amazing. Even better, you can get solar-powered fairy lights for your garden, making this idea an eco-friendly one too! A dull shrub or even a bare tree can be completely transformed with some of these lights. Instead of going for white or colour ones, try going for warm white/yellow ones which will result in a warmer, classier glow.

Ideas with House of York products

Storage and display space is always important, especially if you have a small place. Adding House of York’s A-Frame Racking will give you plenty of space for your vases, books, trinkets or even crockery. It’s a great space-saver as it has six shelves and it looks pretty too – it comes in raw pine, mahogany and whitewashed. From R1299.95, spoil yourself with this versatile rack and love all the new space you have in your home.

While our Butcher’s Blocks are fantastic for what they are intended for, there is a way to display it in your home and make it elegant – by turning it into a mini-bar! All you need to do is put it on top of easy-to-install legs, put a decanter and a couple of nice glasses on top and voilà, you’ve got yourself a bar. Definitely a creative way to add a little something new to your dining area. High-quality, thick butcher’s blocks are available at House of York from R504.95.

So, fall in love with your home all over again by doing one or some or even all of the ideas above. Décor is so versatile and can be done in so many ways. Let us know on our Facebook page if you made any changes to your home recently.

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