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Happy healthy families in the kitchen

23 May 2013
Happy healthy families in the kitchen  -  family cooking
Happy healthy families in the kitchen  -  family board games
Happy healthy families in the kitchen  -  c

To encourage happy healthy families, there are a number of activities one can do to create a sense of relaxation in the home, whether it be lounging around playing board games with the children, going for walks or teaching them about healthy eating. These kinds of activities promote a sense of calm and togetherness, which is often not experienced in today’s busy world.

As a parent, healthy eating is usually top of mind, yet also something that falls by the wayside at times. Now as winter encroaches and the flu germs start popping up, it might be a good time to involve the children in the kitchen when preparing dinner. Why not encourage them to join you in preparing meals – it’s one of the best ways to educate them about healthy foods, cooking and hygiene in the kitchen. You may even find that there is a willingness to eat the meal once they have shared in the making –bad news for the overweight pet waiting patiently under the table.

Healthy families should be aware of the environmental concerns with regards to household and kitchen items, especially those items that are not FDA approved. House of York has allayed these concerns by introducing a range of bamboo products. Bamboo is a renewable resource which is bacterial, heat and odour resistant and it is the fastest growing plant on earth. Imagine explaining that to the children about the salad bowl in their hands? You’ll be the coolest mom or dad!

House of York features various bamboo products such as cutting boards, bowls for salads, veggies or fruits, as well as spoons which are also non-scratching – saving your non-stick pots and pans from those over-eager stirrers. The odour resistant characteristic of bamboo ensures that your bowls remain fresh, ready for the next dish to be served.

It is vital to educate children on eco-friendly products in a world where sustainable resources are not easily available. Turn your kitchen into the ultimate classroom by combining healthy food tips with valuable information on the kitchen items used.

Here are a few tips on cooking with the family:

  1. Time is usually of the essence. Give the children a choice of two meals for an evening – this makes the process more interactive as they feel they played a role in the decision of what will be prepared.
  2. Make cooking time interactive. Let them make a mess - provided that doesn’t mean covering the dog in olive oil! You may find that they begin to look forward to this time with you.
  3. Ensure that the working area is comfortable for smaller children. Should you need a more easily accessible working space, take a look at the House of York multi-purpose tray. It fits comfortably on a lap for little hands to put salad ingredients together.
  4. Keep paper towels handy at all times. House of York has handy towel holders for countertop or wall-mounted storage. Sticky fingers, messy mouths and spills on the kitchen floor are bound to happen.
  5. Most important tip: have FUN!

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