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Functional working spaces at home

12 June 2013
Functional working spaces at home -  Garage Office
Functional working spaces at home -  Office
Functional working spaces at home -  Office
Functional working spaces at home -  Childrens study area

Space in a home can be limiting at times, especially when wanting to create a work space free of clutter, and sticky fingers. A working or office space at home needs to encourage focus and creativity, without over-indulging the senses with the relaxing feeling that accompanies being at home.

The space should promote concentration and this can be encouraged through the use of specific colours that stimulate the brain, such as warmer shades of red. Cooler colours boost creativity, with green bringing about a calming effect. In addition to colour choices, you should also consider distractions within the study area. Try to limit these – whether they be bold prints for you or toys for the children. While the space should promote creativity and thinking, it should also not over-stimulate or make the mind wander.

When looking at a study space, it doesn’t always have to refer to a set room in a home. There are a number of areas in a home that can be utilized as a study space. Look at the cluttered storage cupboard, or even the linen cupboard – any of these areas could be neatened and converted into an organised work area.

House of York’s floating shelves can be used to create additional storage space within the cupboard area, while the racking units can be used outside of the cupboard area. Natural lighting is best when studying or working, however a good quality lamp will work just as well in the cupboard space to ensure your eyes don’t become strained. When converting the area, ensure that you are still able to shut the cupboard doors when not in use to maintain tidiness.

Another area often overlooked is the garage. With Father’s Day being celebrated this month, why not get the kids to help you clear a space that can be used as both a workbench and study area. The same idea would apply if you have a storage cupboard in this space, however, if you have a double garage and only one vehicle, why not create a work space on one side of the garage? You could put carpeting down under the desk area to create a sense of warmth, and use House of York’s display shelves or décor cubes to add storage space against a wall. To further emphasise the area as a concentration hub, a moveable division could be placed between the work space and the garage area. House of York’s racking units would be perfect and could function as storage for tools as well as work files.

The main thing to remember when creating a study is that you feel comfortable working in the space. Once you have sorted out the main focus areas such as storage, lighting and colour, you can personalize the space to suit your needs by adding in a photo frame, or a pin-board to keep all your notes and ideas in one place.

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