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Fun Activities to do with Dad this Father’s Day

26 May 2014
Fun Activities to do with Dad this Father’s Day -  iStock Small

Dad – a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love.

No matter how old you are, spending time with your father is something that should always be treasured. Father’s Day only happens once a year, so make sure that you use this day to do something great with him, whether it’s cook for him or make a weekend out of it and go on a trip.

We have chosen five great activities that you can do with dad this Father’s Day – some for the kids and some for the older kids who may even have kids of their own.

Play Mini Golf

Also known as putt-putt, mini golf is the perfect outdoor activity for the children to do with dad – especially if he is into golf! This is a lot of fun for children as most putt-putt courses in South Africa have amusing features such as water ponds and animal statues where the ball needs to go into or around. There are plenty of entertaining courses all over South Africa, such as the one at The Boardwalk in Port Elizabeth and the cave putt-putt at The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Mini golf is an ideal activity for a sunny and cool June afternoon!

Give him the South African Experience

If you’re a bit older and want to give your dad a great Father’s Day, give him a relaxing day to himself. Not the entire day, but just an afternoon – and remember to make it a "manly” experience. If there is any sport on, put it on in the lounge and make the couch comfy for him. Even if it’s only repeats or highlights showing, this will still be great for him (we all know that the highlights matter too for some reason). Make your dad comfortable on the couch with sport on in the background and the morning paper in his hand. To top it all off, serve him an ice cold beer and some biltong and you’ll no doubt be in his good books for a long time to come.

Go Fishing

This is really something that all ages can appreciate. There’s nothing quite like the bonding experience you will enjoy than when fishing out on an open lake or river. Take your dad out to a local lake or river and spend a morning or afternoon fishing. The quietness of the surrounding waters and area you’re in will get you guys talking more than ever and it guarantees a few laughs! If you prefer to not kill the fish once you’ve caught it, simply unhook it and throw it back in the water – or else save it for a fresh and delicious fish braai for later in the day!

Go on a Family Camp

This activity is something that the whole family can do and it can turn Father’s Day into a full weekend! Grab your camping gear and food and head out to one of South Africa’s many camping sites. Bonding by the campfire, making kebabs and roasting marshmallows on House of York’s skewers are the best ways to spend your camping evening, especially if you’re an outdoorsy family! Make it even better and surpriseyour father with this camping trip. He will be spoilt and get to spend time with his family at the same time.

House of York Tip:Make sure to soak your skewers in water before roasting your marshmallows in the fire so that they do not burn.

Take Him Out to the Ball Game

If dad is big into his rugby, then June is the perfect month for Father’s Day to take place. As it will still be rugby season, there are three international rugby games taking place in South Africa in June, so why not spoil him and take him to one of the games? If the game doesn’t fall on Father’s Day, just simply give him the ticket as a gift and then take him later in the month. The day before Father’s Day, there is a South Africa vs Wales game in Durban; then another one against Wales in Nelspruit on the 21st; and lastly, South Africa vs Scotland in Port Elizabeth on the 28th. So, choose the game you can attend and take dad along for some beer and to cheer on the Springboks!

What will you be doing with your father this Father’s Day? Treating him to a meal or taking him out for some outdoor activities? Either way, he will feel like a king for the day! Let us know how you’re spoiling your dad this year by dropping us a line on our Facebook page!

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