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Eco-friendly Benefits of Bamboo

16 January 2014
Eco-friendly Benefits of Bamboo -  Bamboo Pot Plant

What are the Eco-friendly Benefits of Bamboo?

Many people these days are making the conscious decision to "go green” in order to help save our environment. What many people may not know is that bamboo is a cheap resource that can be used for many things. Bamboo has been used to build houses and bridges, as well as used for fine furniture, carpets, shades, fences and valuable art to name a few.

Bamboo is no ordinary plant in that it plays a major role in the environment and to thousands of people and animals. While our environment is being destroyed due to constant deforestation, an ever-thinning ozone layer and raging diseases; many are unaware that bamboo is here to help.

Not only is it a viable replacement for wood, its fast growth rate and ability to balance oxygen and carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere make this plant a valid reason to no longer cut down and destroy trees.

Why is bamboo eco-friendly?

When we say that bamboo is eco-friendly, that is not to say that other plants are harmful to the environment; but it’s what people want from those plants and trees that proves to be harmful. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits of using bamboo instead of destroying more of our environment.

While hard wood takes 30 – 50 years to mature, bamboo only takes 3 – 5 years, mainly due to its rapid growth rate. During the maturation process, these plants don’t even need harmful chemicals and pesticides thanks to its durability.

Bamboo can grow and prosper in many different climates all over the world and it also needs less water than other plants. Perhaps one of the best benefits of all is the interesting fact that bamboo products decompose into a reusable and nutrient-rich composted soil.

The proof is in the bamboo. The more we make use of this resource, the more we are saving our world.

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