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Brighten up your life

05 July 2013
Brighten up your life  -  brass
Brighten up your life  -  green decor
Brighten up your life  -  Display Shelf

Are the winter blues getting you down? Why not brighten up your life by adding more vibrant colours to your surroundings and kicking the heat up a notch in the kitchen. Colours can conjure up various feelings from positivity to frustration to relaxation. In the wintery months, moods tend to dip which is why the addition of warmth through colour, texture and hearty recipes will ensure a more comforted feeling.

Winter brings with it a massive helping of great recipes to warm the coldest belly, from hearty stews to thick warm soups, even great ideas for the braai. House of York has a range of kitchenware to help you in your quest of warming up the family after a long day at work and at school. Why not get the kids involved too – there are many easy recipes they could try while you take on the more complicated tasks.

Add heartier veggies to the meal plan for the week, such as butternut which is high in Vitamin A. Brussell sprouts are also a good addition, containing 50% more vitamin C than oranges – essential in fighting off winter colds and flu. For fussy eaters, it would be best to smother the sprouts in a creamy cheese sauce, or the family pet may just become a victim of bitter sprouts.

Soups tend to be an easier dinner when things are rushed, especially when you’ve prepared in advance. Try this delicious veggie soup with bacon and feta – not only will it warm you up, but the ingredients tend to lean towards comfort food too!

Once you spice up the fare in the kitchen, why not add some warmth to your living space through colour. Experts believe that not only warmer colours bring spice to a room, but bright colours too, even if they originate from the cooler spectrum. Emerald green has been named as the colour of the year for 2013 – green can also add a touch of warmth, depending on the shade.

Brass and wood are also high on the list for winter décor as both materials boast lovely textures and colour that enhance the décor of a room. Brass has a subtle shine and its changing texture is bound to fit in with your décor style, be it traditional or modern. Unpack that brass vase from the back of the cupboard, or spend a morning roaming antique stores – you are bound to find a few treasures. Why not display your brass vases or items in a display shelf from House of York – in this way you can swop out items from season to season.

House of York’s wooden products are available in raw pine, meaning you can paint it to suit your heart’s desire when it comes to colour. Why not try this – it’s an easy solution to adding a decorative, yet functional element to a room.

Always keep in mind that colours affect your mood, feelings and behaviour, some can increase circulation and concentration while others cause feelings of tiredness. Give yourself a kick-start each day by adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe, enjoy a new warm wintery recipe or find treasures to spice up your home décor style. Visit for inspiration in kitchenware and household items.

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