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APD Lends House of York a Helping Hand

25 January 2016
APD Lends House of York a Helping Hand -  shutterstock wheelchair

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi had a point – making a difference even in the smallest way has the ability to change the lives of many, or even just one person. At House of York, we enjoy being a part of and helping the people in our community. Over the years, we’ve taken on projects such as taking part in Madiba Day initiatives, refurbishing homes in informal settlements and giving items such as food and toiletries to the needy.

For the past 6 years, House of York has been involved in benefiting from the skilled work of the people of Port Elizabeth’s APD (Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities).

Take a look at who APD are, the amazing things they do for people with disabilities and how they contribute to the manufacturing of one of our most popular products.

Who are APD?

The Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities (APD) is a non-profit organisation that was established in 1940 in Port Elizabeth.

The purpose and main aim of this organisation is to give people with physical disabilities the opportunity to learn valuable work skills so that they can reach their maximum level of independence. By doing this, they help to change the lives of the people with disabilities as a result of them being more involved in the community and contributing to businesses.

APD has two job creation centres: the Ability Wear Job Creation Centre and the Ability Industrial Job Creation Centre.

At Ability Wear, people with disabilities are trained in the skills of sewing and garment-manufacturing for local companies, brands and even over 40 schools.

Ability Industrial trains disabled people with skills that will generate income and provide job opportunities.

House of York loves the work and initiative behind this organisation, which is why we make sure to get the people of APD involved in creating one of our products.

How House of York Involves APD

Since 2010, House of York has been buying foam for our ironing boards from APD. All of the foam on ALL of our ironing board products is measured and cut accordingly by the people of APD.

As always, we are so happy to be able to contribute in some way to this organisation’s motives by helping towards making a difference in people’s lives and helping others see the ability in disability.
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