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6 Fun & Affordable Upcycling Crafts

01 July 2020
6 Fun & Affordable Upcycling Crafts -  july hoy

Upcycling has become a major trend in the craft community. Taking something old or discarded and reusing it to create something new that is of value is the entire premise behind upcycling.

DIY projects are always fun but DIY projects that are fun and affordable are a great way to express your creativity and save some money at the same time! Here are 6 fun and affordable upcycling crafts to try at home!

1. Wine Bottle Center Piece

Next time you finish that bottle of wine do not toss it straight into the trash. Turn a boring wine bottle into an upcycled centre piece with the help of some decoupage paint!

What you will need:

  • Empty wine bottle
  • Decoupage paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper doily (or any other decoration)

The first step is to remove the labels from the bottle. Tip: soaking the bottle in some lukewarm water will help remove the label as well as the sticky residue left behind by the glue!

Next, once the bottle is clean, dry it off properly and choose your paper doily, or other decoration. Paint one side of the doily with the decoupage paint and press onto the bottle smoothing it gently to get rid of air bubbles. Allow the decoupage to dry for 20 minutes.

Now paint a light coat of decoupage paint over the front of the doily to seal it properly. Allow to dry for an additional 20 minutes.

You can now place flowers or any other preferred decorations inside the bottle to use as a centre piece, table decoration or even to give away as a gift!

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2. Cookie Cutter Candles

Have a bunch of candle-ends that you’re about to throw out? Instead of throwing them out, repurpose them to make some new candles!

What you will need:

  • Candle ends
  • Crayons (optional)
  • Small pot
  • Small clean tin can
  • Wax paper
  • Cookie cutters
  • Sheet pan
  • Candlewicks

Simmer some water in a small pot. Place the small tin can inside the pot to act as a double-boiler. Place the candle ends inside the empty tin adding in bits of crayon if you would like some funky colouring. Once the wax is heated to 37°C, it is ready to pour.

Cover the sheet pan with some wax paper and place the cookie cutters onto the tray. Now place a candlewick in the centre of each cookie cutter.

Slowly pour in the wax while pressing down on the cookie cutter to keep it in place. Allow the wax to dry.

Once completely dry, you can either pop out the candles or leave them inside the cookie cutters!

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3. Jersey to Beanie

We all have one of those old jerseys lying in the back of the cupboard which we do not wear anymore. Instead of throwing it out, why not make a beanie out of it?

What you will need:

  • Old jersey
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine (hand sewing also possible)
  • Wool and cardboard for the pom-pom (optional)

Turn the jersey inside out and place a beanie that you have on the bottom seam of the jersey. Using the pins, trace an outline of the beanie. Using your sewing machine, or by hand, sew along the lines of the pins using a medium to small stitch.

Using your scissors, cut around the sewn beanie leaving 0.5cm allowance all around the seam. You now have a wearable beanie!

If you would like to add a pom-pom follow these easy steps:

Cut a circle from cardboard with a diameter of 10cm. In the middle, cut a second 2.5cm hole. Now, thread the wool in and out until you have a tight ball.

Tie the piece of wool off, then cut the wool on the edges to fluff out the pom-pom. You can now sew the pom-pom to the top of your newly repurposed beanie!


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4. Wooden Spoon Vegetable Markers

Struggling to keep track of the veggies in your garden? Or are those paper markers getting all soggy in the rain? These Wooden Spoon Vegetable Markers are not only easy to make but will add some quirkiness to your vegetable patch!

What you will need:

  • Old wooden spoons
  • Different colour paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Permanent marker
  • Tape

First of all, wrap a piece of tape on the handle of the spoon to indicate where you would like to stop painting. You can now paint your wooden spoons with the colours of your choice.

Allow the paint to dry and peel the tape off to leave a clean finish! Once certain that the paint has dried, you can use a permanent marker to write the name of the vegetables on the inside of the wooden spoon.

Use your creativity to add on some drawings if you like!

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5. Bathroom Storage Crate

Turn a drab cardboard box into a useful and cool bathroom storage crate!

What you will need:

  • Cardboard box
  • Thick string
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Old fabric

First of all, cut the flaps off the cardboard box using the scissors. Now, take the thick string and begin wrapping it around the cardboard box glueing the thick string down with the glue gun as you go.

Once completely wrapped, you can measure your fabric to create a quick and easy liner for the inside of the box.

You now have a nifty, easy Bathroom Storage Crate to help keep your shelves organised!

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6. Colander Pot Plant Holder

Is that colander starting to look a bit old and worn? Instead of tossing it out, why not use it for a cute pot plant holder?

What you will need:

  • Old colander
  • Pot plant
  • Potting soil
  • Thick string
  • Wall hooks
  • Landscape fabric
  • Spray paint (optional)

If you would like to respray your colander to a different colour, do this first. Once completely dry, measure and cut some landscape fabric to fit inside your colander. This is to prevent the potting soil from pouring out when you water it.

You can now place your chosen pot plant into the colander and sprinkle the potting soil around it.

Take your thick string and tie an end to the handle. Pass the string around the handle until the handle is completely covered. Measure how long you would like your pot plant to hang from the ceiling then begin winding the string around the opposite side’s handle. Tie a knot at the end once completely covered.

Place a wall hook in the ceiling to hang the pot plant from. Be sure to use one sturdy enough to hold the weight of the pot plant.

You can now hang your cool Colander Pot Plant from the ceiling for all to see your latest upcycling project!

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What are some of your favourite upcycling crafts? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.

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