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Adorable Cupcake & Cake Decorating Ideas

07 October 2021
Adorable Cupcake & Cake Decorating Ideas -  october hoy

Whether you are hosting an event or doing some weekend baking, there is no reason why you cannot try something new and – we have to say – adorable!

Cupcake and cake decorating does not come as naturally to some as what it does to others which is why we have put together some adorable cupcake and cake decorating ideas that we have found.

Be sure to give one, two or all of them a try for your next family baking project.

1. Flower Pot Cupcakes

If you love flowers and cupcakes then this adorable flower pot cupcake decorating idea is going to blow you away. While the terracotta pots that the cupcakes are house in are real, this is a very easy cupcake decorating idea to replicate in your home.

With crushed Oreos as the ‘soil’ and paper flowers on toothpicks, these adorable flower pot cupcakes will make your guests look twice to double-check that they aren’t real. Or, if you aren’t in the mood for entertaining, this is a really fun family baking project.

Get the full recipe here from thislilygirlskitchen.

Image and Recipe Credit:

2. Watermelon Cupcakes

If you are a fruit-lover, particularly a lover of watermelon, then you are guaranteed to fall in love with these super cute, super sweet watermelon cupcakes.

With the summer heat just around the corner, why not give this fruity watermelon cupcakes recipe a try? While they really do look convincing, there is a lot that some food colouring and chocolate chips can do to create the perfect fruity cupcake treat.

Get the full recipe here from cincyshopper.

Image and Recipe Credit:

3. Berry-Stuffed Cupcakes

We’re sure you’re going to be ‘berry’ excited for these delicious berry-stuffed cupcakes because they are made with a special hidden surprise inside. While they look unassuming on the outside, they are stuffed with berry goodness on the inside.

These traditional vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting just took a turn for the tasty with mixed berry jam hidden on the inside. If you are looking to break tradition with the least amount of effort, then be sure to give these adorable berry-stuffed cupcakes a try.

Get the full recipe here from goodhousekeeping.

Berry-Stuffed Cupcakes 

Image and Recipe Credit:

4. Unicorn Cake

Looking for super cute cake decorating ideas for your child’s birthday party?

Then look no further than this adorable unicorn cake – fully decorated with the horn and all! While most unicorn cakes are cute difficult to decorate correctly and often require prior decorating experience, this one is quite easy to execute even for cake decorating novices.

By using smaller cake pans, a piping bag and an ice cream cone you can create the unicorn cake that you have been dreaming about – and it tastes great too!

Get the full recipe here from tasteofhome.

Image and Recipe Credit:

5. Baby Shark Cake

“Baby shark do, do, do, do”

Baby Shark became an overnight Internet sensation with every kid falling in love with the adorable characters, catchy tune and accompanying dance moves. Surprise the kids with this baby shark themed cake – decorated with their very own baby shark!

It doesn’t take much cake decorating experience to bring this underwater-themed cake to life and it is a cake that you can cross off the Internet-sensation baking list.

Get the full recipe here from tasteofhome.

Image and Recipe Credit:

6. Strawberry Jam Cake

Everyone needs a simple-yet-elegant cake recipe in their recipe book and this Strawberry Jam Cake will definitely become your new go-to cake to bake and decorate for any and every occasion.

Sometimes the best-decorated cakes aren’t the most intricate ones, they’re the ones that look and taste the best. With strawberry cream cheese icing on the outside and strawberry jam slathered between the cake layers, this is a cake waiting to be baked and decorated.

Get the full recipe here from tasteofhome.

Image and Recipe Credit:


Do you have any cake decorating ideas or tips that you would like to share? Our followers will definitely appreciate the creative inspiration so feel free to spread the baking spirit by leaving a comment on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

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