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8 Reasons to Love Pine Products

16 February 2022
8 Reasons to Love Pine Products -  february hoy

Did you know that House of York’s products are made from pine?

In 1981 Mr Tony York was inspired to use wood to create beautiful household products which lead to the establishment of the House of York business in Pinetown.

Since then, ownership of House of York has changed hands a few times but was eventually acquired by Eveready in 2008. In continuing the legacy, Eveready continues to use pine to produce the much-loved household products.

But that is not the only reason why we love pine!

Pine furniture has always been popular among consumers and here are 8 reasons why you should love pine too:

1. Natural Knots

The natural knots and string textures found in pinewood are what help distinguish pine furniture from other types of furniture. What makes pine so different is that even unfinished pine furniture looks attractive.

Many people like pine for the rustic, natural look of the wood.

Not only does this allow for creating a more natural, fresh atmosphere but also gives the consumer the option to paint the product if they wished to do so in the future. That is something that not many wood types can allow for.

2. Easily Pliable

Pine is classified as a ‘soft wood’.

This means that the wood can be easily cut, chopped and turned into smaller sizes without worrying about splintering or cracking. This also allows pine furniture to be cut and shaped into various furnishings from coffee tables to kitchen counters and everything in between.

The sheer versatility of pine wood is what makes it attractive to many with the potential to be used in making both indoor and outdoor furnishings.

3. Mix-and-Match

Because of the natural, distinguished look that offers it is actually easy to mix-and-match pine furniture with other wood types. The pinewood does not detract from other wood types because of its neutral texture.

There is never a need to get rid of furniture when you shop pine.

4. Affordable

Pinewood is highly accessible and, because of this, it is also more affordable than other wood types. This makes pine a great option for setting up a new home, an office and even a school.

After all, if you can get the same quality without having to spend more money why wouldn’t you take that opportunity?

5. Natural Warmth

Pine has a naturally warm appeal when compared to other wood or furniture types. This is why pine is often the preferred wood in colder climates. Pine is also very sustainable to change in climate, i.e.: hot, cold, humid and dry.

Furniture made from pine is also resistant to shrinking and swelling which prevents the furniture from morphing from its original shape.

Because of this pine is easily usable in hot and cold climates.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Pine is extremely eco-friendly as it can be made from renewable and recyclable resources without any defects.

With factors like climate change to consider it is important to think about the environmental impact that manufacturing has on the environment. However, with pine, there is always the opportunity to recycle and renew.

7. Shock Resistant

When you are moving home or redecorating, it is not unlikely that you will run into some accidents which could include dropping your furniture. Pine is shock resistant which means that it has the ability to absorb on impact thereby reducing the chances of damage on impact.

This does not, however, mean that the wood will not take any damage at all but does offer some comfort.

8. Light Weight

Because pine is not a very heavy wood, it is much easier to redecorate or move furniture pieces around when your furniture is made from pine. Pine furniture is moderately heavy but is lighter than oak and other types of wood.

Even if pine is lighter in weight, it does in no way compromise its sturdiness.


What do you love about pine furniture?

We would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for everyone to see.

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